BoeMarley – Marley’s Way


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1 Time To Time 03:07
2 I Swear To God 03:40
3 Pull Up (Remix) 02:56
4 What You Into 03:25
5 Trust Issues 03:09
6 Whats Happening 02:47
Featuring – Domo Luhciano
7 Hot-Now 03:14
8 Without Ah Doubt 03:39
9 How You Like Me Now 01:59
10 Product Of Da St 02:53
11 Baby What Good 02:07
12 Ain’t Worried Bout Nun 02:55
13 Shyt Talkerr, Pt. 3 02:05
14 Sidenote, Pt. 2 02:35
15 Come Up 03:01
16 Paid In Full 01:35
17 Ride Out 02:35


Marley’s Way is a captivating mixtape by Oakland-based rapper BoeMarley, released on January 11, 2018, under the label Natti Gang Records. This 17-track project showcases BoeMarley’s lyrical prowess and exceptional flow, highlighting his talents as an up-and-coming artist in the California hip-hop scene.

The mixtape kicks off with the introspective “Time To Time,” setting the tone for the personal and raw narratives that BoeMarley delivers throughout the project. As the mixtape progresses, BoeMarley explores themes of ambition, relationships, and life on the streets, captivating listeners with his honest storytelling and memorable hooks.

One standout collaboration on Marley’s Way is the track “Whats Happening,” featuring Domo Luhciano, who lends his distinctive voice and style to the mix. Other notable tracks include the catchy “Pull Up (Remix),” the introspective “Trust Issues,” and the powerful “Product Of Da St.”

Marley’s Way is a testament to BoeMarley’s versatility and potential as an artist. With a diverse range of beats and moods throughout the project, listeners are treated to a comprehensive look at the rapper’s unique style and voice. From energetic bangers to more introspective tracks, Marley’s Way has something for every hip-hop fan.

As a representation of Oakland’s vibrant hip-hop scene, BoeMarley’s Marley’s Way stands as a strong statement from a promising artist. The mixtape’s compelling storytelling and engaging beats are sure to captivate listeners and leave them eager to hear more from BoeMarley in the future.



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