Bobby Wilson – Manipulation


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1 Skit One 00:59
2 Difficult Timez 03:54
3 That’z My Life 04:13
4 Life Ain’t 04:36
5 My Game 03:50
6 Skit Two 00:50
7 Cry Sometimez 04:47
8 Makin’ Money 03:45
9 Ghetto Individualz 04:23
10 Skit Three 00:49
11 Ghetto Politician 04:13
12 Difficult Two 04:02
13 The Man In Me 04:01
14 Trouble Dayz 04:41
15 The Pressure 00:52
16 Money On My Mind 04:51
17 Manipulation 03:59
18 Watts & Compton 03:49
19 Roc The Mic 04:01


“Manipulation” is an extremely rare and sought-after album by Los Angeles, California rapper Bobby Wilson, released in 2000 under the Y.O.L.O label. This 19-track album showcases Bobby Wilson’s versatile style and lyricism, providing a vivid representation of life in the streets of Los Angeles during the early 2000s.

The album starts with “Skit One,” which sets the tone for the project. “Difficult Timez” and “That’z My Life” delve into the struggles and challenges faced by those living in the harsh urban environment. “Life Ain’t” continues this theme, discussing the hardships of life and the importance of perseverance.

“My Game” demonstrates Bobby Wilson’s confidence in his skill and unique flow, while “Skit Two” serves as an interlude before diving into the emotional track “Cry Sometimez.” “Makin’ Money” and “Ghetto Individualz” focus on the pursuit of financial success and the strength of character required to thrive in a difficult environment.

“Skit Three” leads into “Ghetto Politician,” which offers social commentary on the intersection of politics and street life. “Difficult Two” and “The Man In Me” provide introspective looks at the rapper’s personal growth and development. “Trouble Dayz” discusses the constant challenges faced in the streets of Los Angeles, while “The Pressure” acts as a short interlude before diving into the hustle anthem “Money On My Mind.”

The album’s title track, “Manipulation,” explores the deceptive nature of the music industry and the struggle to maintain authenticity. “Watts & Compton” is a tribute to the neighborhoods that shaped Bobby Wilson, and “Roc The Mic” closes the album with a powerful testament to his talent and passion for hip-hop.

“Manipulation” is a must-listen for fans of rare, underground hip-hop and those interested in the early 2000s West Coast rap scene.



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