Black Noyzz Reprezent – Who’s Bubblin’


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1 Intro 01:06
2 Black Noyzz Reprezent 03:34
3 Madd 04:09
4 Romance 03:25
5 Strugglin’ 04:04
6 Playa Hayda 03:38
7 Can’t Keep Steal 04:23
8 Swing Low 04:02
9 What You Gonna Do 03:35
10 Outro 04:15


“Who’s Bubblin'” is the one and only studio album by the rap group Black Noyzz Reprezent, hailing from Oakland, California. Released on May 27, 1997, by Raging Bull Records and EMG Entertainment Music Group, this album showcases the group’s unique blend of gangsta hip-hop style, highlighting their talent and passion for the genre.

The album features 10 tracks, starting with an intro that sets the tone for the rest of the project. The group’s eponymous track, “Black Noyzz Reprezent,” follows, delivering their signature sound and style. The album continues with songs like “Madd,” “Romance,” and “Strugglin’,” showcasing the group’s ability to address various themes and emotions within their music.

“Playa Hayda” and “Can’t Keep Steal” are examples of the group’s street-savvy storytelling and impressive lyricism, while “Swing Low” and “What You Gonna Do” demonstrate their versatility in crafting infectious beats and catchy hooks. The album concludes with an outro that leaves listeners wanting more from this talented Oakland rap group.

“Who’s Bubblin'” is a result of collaborative efforts from several individuals, including producers The Black Noyzz Click, Funk Labb, Phamley Jools, Rody Bo, and Tally Knott. The album’s artwork is credited to Serious Art/FX, and photography for the front cover is provided by Front Cover. Female vocalist “The Cuddie” Stephanie also contributes her talents to the project.

Though Black Noyzz Reprezent only released this single studio album, “Who’s Bubblin'” remains a testament to their unique sound and their place in the Oakland hip-hop scene. Fans of gangsta hip-hop will appreciate the raw, authentic style the group brings to the table.



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