Black Bastards – Toast To The Coast


Downloads are available as MP3-320 files.



1 Toast To The Coast 04:49
2 Soul Brotha 1 And 2 03:55
3 Balls Out 04:25


“Toast To The Coast” is an extremely rare and highly sought-after release by the rap group Black Bastards from Monterey, California. This EP, released in 1994 by T. Wave Records, features the classic gangsta hip-hop sound that defined the era, showcasing the group’s raw talent and unique style.

Available exclusively on cassette tape, “Toast To The Coast” includes three tracks that provide a snapshot of the group’s distinct sound and lyrical abilities. The EP opens with the title track, “Toast To The Coast,” a celebration of their West Coast roots, paying homage to the culture and lifestyle that shaped their music.

“Soul Brotha 1 And 2” follows, a track that highlights the group’s smooth flow and lyrical prowess, set against a backdrop of laid-back beats and soulful samples. This track showcases the group’s ability to blend storytelling and introspection with a classic hip-hop sound.

The EP closes with “Balls Out,” a hard-hitting, high-energy track that demonstrates Black Bastards’ passion for their craft and their commitment to creating authentic, raw hip-hop. This track is sure to resonate with fans who appreciate the golden era of gangsta rap.

Produced by Paul Johnson and co-produced by DJ Splice, “Toast To The Coast” stands as a testament to the talent and potential of Black Bastards, serving as a reminder of the rich history of West Coast hip-hop.


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