Bigg Ocean Mobb IV-1-5 – Wrangler Tuff


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1 Audio Check 00:48
2 Wrangler Tuff 04:45
3 415 In Progress 04:20
4 Poetry Is… 04:34
5 Silence 00:22
6 Task Force 03:34
7 Brothers In A Coupe Ride 02:36
8 Cops Hate Kids 04:09
9 New York, New York 00:52
10 Gangster Driven 04:38
11 Drug Sellin’ 04:46
12 Don’t F*** With Us 00:41
13 Ghetto Radio 04:32
14 Big Ocean 05:25
15 Can’t Stand It 04:13
16 S*** Happenz 02:10


“Wrangler Tuff” is the only studio album by Oakland-based rap group Bigg Ocean Mobb IV-1-5, released in 1990 under RCA label. Entirely produced by Khayree, this album showcases the group’s talent in gangsta and hardcore hip-hop styles. The album features 16 tracks, each reflecting the group’s unique approach to the hip-hop genre, with a combination of hard-hitting beats, powerful lyrics, and skilled turntable work.

The album kicks off with “Audio Check,” followed by the title track “Wrangler Tuff.” Other standout tracks include “415 In Progress,” “Task Force,” “Cops Hate Kids,” “Gangster Driven,” “Drug Sellin’,” “Ghetto Radio,” and “Big Ocean.” The album features the talents of Item Nice on vocals and Agent 86 on turntables, creating a cohesive sound throughout the entire project.

“Wrangler Tuff” was engineered at Diamond Cut Studios, Remix Studios, and CD Presents Studios, with mastering done at Future Disc. The album was co-produced by Bigg Ocean Mobb IV-1-5, engineered by Khayree, Paul Mandl, and Tony D., and mixed by Khayree and Paul Mandl. The executive producer for the project was Jay King.

The album cover features illustrations by Item Nice and Justin Levine, with photography by Stephen A. Smith. “Wrangler Tuff” stands as a testament to the group’s contribution to the Oakland hip-hop scene and the legacy they left behind.



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