Bigg Blue – Dippin’ Tonite


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1 Get Your Party Down 03:55
Featuring – Daz Dillinger
2 Uh Hu 04:32
3 Dippin’ Tonite 04:09
Featuring – Coolio, Mimi
4 Who’s That 04:56
5 Think It’s Over 04:19
6 Thizzou (Do Your Thing) 03:21
7 Ride With Me 03:42
Featuring – Bad Azz, Krazy Khrome
8 Movin’ On 03:30
9 What A Hell 04:27
10 Love Isn’t Love 05:11
11 Wayz Of Love 04:00
12 Thug In Me 04:09
13 Where I’ll Stay 05:28


“Dippin’ Tonite” is a studio album by Long Beach, California rapper Bigg Blue, also known as Kenneth Blue. Released on October 30, 2002, by Victor Entertainment, this album features a blend of Hip Hop with Gangsta and RnB/Swing styles. Bigg Blue collaborates with notable artists such as Daz Dillinger, Coolio, Mimi, Bad Azz, and Krazy Khrome, creating an engaging and diverse listening experience.

The album kicks off with “Get Your Party Down,” featuring the talents of Daz Dillinger and setting the energetic tone for the album. “Uh Hu” follows with its catchy hooks, leading into the title track, “Dippin’ Tonite,” which features Coolio and Mimi, delivering a memorable collaboration.

“Who’s That” showcases Bigg Blue’s lyrical skills, while “Think It’s Over” offers a contemplative vibe. “Thizzou (Do Your Thing)” encourages listeners to embrace their individuality, and “Ride With Me,” featuring Bad Azz and Krazy Khrome, adds a unique flavor to the album.

“Movin’ On” speaks of personal growth, followed by “What A Hell,” which delves into the challenges of life. “Love Isn’t Love” and “Wayz of Love” explore the complexities of relationships, while “Thug In Me” displays Bigg Blue’s grittier side. The album closes with “Where I’ll Stay,” a reflective and introspective track.

“Dippin’ Tonite” is an album that showcases Bigg Blue’s versatility as an artist and offers a dynamic collection of tracks that appeal to fans of both Hip Hop and RnB/Swing.



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