Big Twon – Villified Photographics


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1 Intro 00:58
2 Villified Photographics 04:58
3 This Town 04:01
4 The Plot 04:04
5 News Report 00:31
6 Mr. Lovely 03:46
7 Thunder Bird Ted 00:51
8 Six Hundred Block Soldiers 04:21
9 Federal Favor 03:17
10 If I Knew 03:56
11 Bumpus 04:05
12 Chocolate Stuff 05:59
13 Smokin The Bomb 00:32
14 Canabisativa Ball 03:41
15 Head To Toe 04:57
16 Bay Seque 00:27
17 Six Feet Deep 04:07
18 Outro 00:59


“Villified Photographics” is a highly sought-after album by Oakland-based rapper Big Twon, released in 1996 under Photographic Records. The album features a collection of 18 tracks that showcase Big Twon’s gangsta rap style, reflecting the gritty realities of life in Oakland during the 90s. The album boasts collaborations with notable artists such as Gangsta P, Gangsta Wee, Assassin, Y.G.T.O.’s, Eric Wills, Pauline, and Vito.

The album begins with an intro, setting the stage for the title track “Villified Photographics.” Big Twon takes listeners on a journey through the streets of Oakland, with standout tracks like “This Town,” “The Plot,” “Mr. Lovely,” “Thunder Bird Ted,” and “Six Hundred Block Soldiers.” The album also delves into the darker side of life, as evident in tracks like “Federal Favor,” “If I Knew,” and “Six Feet Deep.”

Throughout “Villified Photographics,” Big Twon’s storytelling ability and wordplay are on full display, painting a vivid picture of his experiences and observations. The album is produced by John Orr, who masterfully combines hard-hitting beats and innovative soundscapes that complement Big Twon’s powerful lyrics.

“Villified Photographics” is an essential piece of Oakland hip-hop history, highlighting the raw talent of Big Twon and his contemporaries. The album remains in high demand among hip-hop enthusiasts and collectors who appreciate the authentic sound of 90s gangsta rap from the Bay Area.



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