Big Guess – Somebody Gotta Do It


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1 (Intro) Rules Of Da Game 01:34
2 Da Pimp Game 03:53
3 Spit ‘n Game 00:38
Featuring – Little Cee More
4 B.S.G.’s 04:23
Featuring – Chap Cheeze, Stepchylde
5 Discussion 00:46
6 Who’s Da Man 03:26
Featuring – Bo Bo, Ms. Tee
7 Little Cee More’s Place 00:44
Featuring – Little Cee More
8 Big Dpendaz 04:00
Featuring – Chap Cheeze, O.L.D.
9 Believe In Me 00:38
Featuring – Little Cee More
10 I’m A Player 04:15
11 Desperate Bitches 00:38
Featuring – Ms. Tee
12 Somebody Gotta Do It 04:08
13 One Pimp To Another 00:54
Featuring – Little Cee More
14 Hustlerz 05:07
Featuring – Chap Cheeze
15 (Outro) Keepin’ It Pimpin’ 00:20


“Somebody Gotta Do It” is a rare and gritty album by Oakland-based rapper Big Guess, released in 2000 through Black Smith Records. This 15-track project showcases Big Guess’s raw talent and provides listeners with a glimpse into the realities of street life and the hustler’s mentality.

The album kicks off with the introductory track “Rules of Da Game,” setting the stage for a no-holds-barred exploration of the gangsta lifestyle. Throughout the project, Big Guess collaborates with various artists such as Little Cee More, Chap Cheeze, Stepchylde, Bo Bo, Ms. Tee, and O.L.D., creating a diverse and engaging soundscape that keeps listeners hooked.

Standout tracks like “Da Pimp Game,” “B.S.G.’s,” “Who’s Da Man,” and “Big Dpendaz” display Big Guess’s ability to craft hard-hitting lyrics with a distinctive flow that captures the essence of the Oakland hip-hop scene. The title track, “Somebody Gotta Do It,” serves as a bold statement of Big Guess’s ambition and determination in a world where survival is the ultimate goal.

Further into the album, tracks like “I’m A Player” and “Hustlerz” emphasize Big Guess’s commitment to the hustler lifestyle, while the interludes featuring Little Cee More add a unique storytelling element to the project. The album closes with the outro “Keepin’ It Pimpin’,” leaving a lasting impression of Big Guess’s unwavering dedication to the game.

“Somebody Gotta Do It” stands as a testament to Big Guess’s talent as a rapper and his representation of Oakland’s hip-hop community. This rare gem provides an authentic look into the life of a hustler and offers a raw, unfiltered listening experience that fans of gangsta rap will appreciate.



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