Big El – Back-N-Business


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1 Introduction 02:08
Featuring – Pimpin Little
2 The Cash 04:28
Featuring – Pimpin Little
3 Straight Pimpin 04:08
Featuring – Choosiz Suzy, Pimpin Little
4 The Weekend 04:37
Featuring – Monique Woods
5 On A Mission 03:58
Featuring – Pimpin Little
6 Tyma-Tyma 04:14
Featuring – Pimpin Little
7 I Can’t Do It 04:05
Featuring – Grip, Pimpin Little
8 Gun Case 03:18
9 Playa From The Bay 05:01
Featuring – Mr. Faulty
10 Bring It 04:06
11 Playa-4-Life 05:31
12 Outroduction 01:18


“Back-N-Business” is the debut studio album by Oakland, California rapper Big El. Released in 2000 under the Powderboy Records label, this gangsta hip-hop album showcases Big El’s unique style and lyrical prowess.

The album opens with “Introduction,” featuring Pimpin Little, setting the tone for the entire project. The follow-up track, “The Cash,” also featuring Pimpin Little, delves into the pursuit of wealth and the challenges that come with it.

“Straight Pimpin” sees Big El collaborating with Choosiz Suzy and Pimpin Little, delivering a catchy and memorable track. “The Weekend,” featuring Monique Woods, is an upbeat song that highlights the anticipation and excitement of the weekend.

“On A Mission” and “Tyma-Tyma,” both featuring Pimpin Little, showcase Big El’s determination and ambition. “I Can’t Do It,” featuring Grip and Pimpin Little, explores the struggles and limitations one faces in life.

“Gun Case,” produced by B. Natural, and “Playa From The Bay,” featuring Mr. Faulty, continue to showcase Big El’s storytelling abilities and his distinct Oakland flavor. “Bring It,” another track produced by B. Natural, is a bold and assertive anthem.

“Playa-4-Life” serves as a testament to Big El’s unwavering commitment to his craft, and the album concludes with “Outroduction,” a fitting end to this compelling debut.

“Back-N-Business” is a solid introduction to Big El’s world, featuring collaborations with various artists and the distinctive production of P.L. (with the exception of tracks produced by B. Natural). The album’s design is by What Cha’ Need? Graphics, and it was recorded at Sepia Sounds by Philip Hennen. This debut serves as a testament to Big El’s talent and potential in the world of hip-hop.



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