Big Dog Cru – Straight Biznez


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1 3 Min And Im Audi 05:59
2 Straight Out Da “O” 05:23
3 Dont Play Me 05:33
4 Funky Ragamuffin Biznez 04:42
5 Straight Biznez 08:16
6 Make It Girl 05:53


“Straight Biznez” is a hard-hitting album by the Oakland-based rap group Big Dog Cru, released in 1991 exclusively on cassette tape through Big Dog Records. This limited edition project showcases the group’s exceptional talent and offers a distinctive blend of G-Funk and Gangsta rap, which was prevalent during the early ’90s in the West Coast hip-hop scene.

The album consists of six tracks, each displaying Big Dog Cru’s unique lyrical prowess and gritty storytelling. From the opening track “3 Min And Im Audi” to the closing song “Make It Girl,” listeners are taken on a journey through the streets of Oakland, experiencing the raw and unfiltered reality of the group’s surroundings.

“Straight Out Da ‘O'” serves as a powerful anthem for Oakland, celebrating the city’s vibrant hip-hop culture and the resilience of its residents. With “Dont Play Me,” Big Dog Cru delivers a defiant message, asserting their strength and determination in the face of adversity.

“Funky Ragamuffin Biznez” showcases the group’s versatility by incorporating elements of funk and reggae into their signature sound, resulting in a unique and captivating listening experience. The title track, “Straight Biznez,” is an eight-minute-long tour de force that highlights Big Dog Cru’s impressive lyrical skills and solidifies their place in the Oakland rap scene.

The final track, “Make It Girl,” offers a glimpse into the group’s softer side, demonstrating their ability to create a more melodic and introspective tune while still maintaining their distinctive edge.

“Straight Biznez” stands as an essential piece of Oakland hip-hop history, capturing the spirit and essence of the early ’90s West Coast rap scene. This rare and limited edition cassette tape is a must-have for fans of G-Funk and Gangsta rap, as it provides an authentic and unfiltered look into the lives and experiences of Big Dog Cru.


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