Biaje – Madd Rapps


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1 Intro 01:33
2 We Out To Get It 02:35
3 Steel Reel 04:29
4 Having Thangs 04:03
5 Drive 03:27
6 Marrissa 03:47
7 I’m Freaky 03:39
8 My Potna 04:17
9 It’s All Bad 03:47
10 Thugg Thezzy 04:12
11 Hata Skata 04:10
12 Ghetto Mentality 04:03
13 Remember 04:37
14 Skit 00:56
15 You Left Me 04:43
16 It’s My Life 04:40
17 Stricky Sickly 04:14
18 She Got A Boyfriend 03:44


“Madd Rapps” is the second studio album by Oakland-based rapper Biaje, released on January 30, 2001. This album showcases Biaje’s lyrical prowess and offers an authentic representation of Oakland’s hip-hop scene during the early 2000s. Released under Big Whale Distribution and Steel Reel Entertainment, “Madd Rapps” features an impressive lineup of guest appearances, including Captain Saveem, Spice 1, Keak Da Sneak (of 3X Krazy), 2wice, Young Cellski, Caddy Coup, The Gamblerz, 11/5, J.T. The Bigga Figga, and Kareem of Black Dynasty.

The 18-track album kicks off with a captivating intro that sets the stage for a diverse collection of songs that touch on various aspects of Biaje’s life and experiences. Songs like “We Out To Get It” and “Steel Reel” exhibit Biaje’s ambition and determination, while tracks such as “Drive” and “Marrissa” delve into personal relationships and everyday struggles.

“I’m Freaky” showcases Biaje’s ability to create a catchy, sensual tune, and “My Potna” is a testament to the importance of friendship and loyalty. “It’s All Bad” offers a darker perspective on life, while “Thugg Thezzy” and “Hata Skata” display Biaje’s unapologetic attitude towards his detractors.

“Ghetto Mentality” sheds light on the harsh realities of life in the inner city, and “Remember” serves as a heartfelt tribute to lost loved ones. “You Left Me” features Miss Mocha’s soulful vocals and deals with the pain of heartbreak, while “It’s My Life” and “Stricky Sickly” are assertive anthems that further establish Biaje’s dominance in the rap game.

The album closes with “She Got A Boyfriend,” a playful yet honest track that explores the complexities of modern relationships. “Madd Rapps” is a must-listen for fans of early 2000s West Coast hip-hop, as it masterfully captures the essence of Oakland’s rap scene and showcases Biaje’s undeniable talent.



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