Bankroll Freddie – Saved By The Bales


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1 Intro 01:13
2 I,m Back 02:04
3 Kids Don’t Lie (Skit) 00:36
4 I Heard 03:08
5 Really 03:31
Featuring – Cook Mgm
6 Free 6 (Skit) 01:00
7 Ima Dog 03:38
Featuring – Hardscramble Nick
8 Trap 4 Life 03:20
9 What The Hate Bout 04:48
Featuring – Ed Dolo
10 Drip Like This 03:28
11 Ride 03:08
Featuring – Chris Echols
12 Complicated 02:33
Featuring – Lou Da Don
13 Run Up A Check 02:37
14 Before I Ever 03:27
Featuring – Kill Bill
15 Coattail 02:30


“Saved By The Bales” is a captivating mixtape by Arkansas rapper Bankroll Freddie, showcasing his unique sound and undeniable talent. Released on July 4, 2019, under Band Klan Mafia (BKM), this project features collaborations with artists such as Cook Mgm, Hardscramble Nick, Ed Dolo, Chris Echols, Lou Da Don, and Kill Bill.

The mixtape begins with a brief “Intro,” setting the stage for the high-energy track “I’m Back.” The witty “Kids Don’t Lie (Skit)” provides a brief interlude before the mixtape dives back into the music with “I Heard” and “Really,” which features a strong collaboration with Cook Mgm.

“Free 6 (Skit)” offers another amusing interlude, followed by “Ima Dog,” a collaboration with Hardscramble Nick that showcases their complementary styles. “Trap 4 Life” and “What The Hate Bout,” featuring Ed Dolo, maintain the mixtape’s momentum with powerful beats and engaging storytelling.

“Drip Like This” demonstrates Bankroll Freddie’s knack for creating catchy hooks, while “Ride,” featuring Chris Echols, adds a melodic touch to the mixtape. “Complicated,” a collaboration with Lou Da Don, showcases both artists’ versatility, effortlessly blending their distinct styles.

“Run Up A Check” and “Before I Ever,” featuring Kill Bill, continue the mixtape’s engaging narrative, with the latter offering a captivating collaboration. The project concludes with “Coattail,” leaving listeners wanting more of Bankroll Freddie’s signature sound and storytelling abilities.

Overall, “Saved By The Bales” is a dynamic mixtape that highlights Bankroll Freddie’s immense talent and potential in the rap game.



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