B.G. Knocc Out – 1-Up


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1 How It’s Done 04:34
Featuring – Messy Marv, D Wyn
2 Falling 03:20
Featuring – Macc Duce
3 1 Luv 03:56
Featuring – Dre’sta, Iceberg
4 Paid 02:53
5 Feed Me…. 04:32
Featuring – RasKass, Black Silver
6 Carried By 6 04:24
7 Ghetto Wars 03:15
8 Temptation 02:38
Featuring – Dre’sta
9 Stories 04:45
Featuring – T. Dot
10 Does This 04:48
Featuring – Roscoe


“1-Up” is a powerful project by Compton rapper B.G. Knocc Out, released on July 9, 2017, under B&H Productions LLC. This album showcases B.G. Knocc Out’s versatile lyricism and features an impressive lineup of guest artists such as Messy Marv, D Wyn, Macc Duce, Dre’sta, Iceberg, RasKass, Black Silver, T. Dot, and Roscoe.

The album opens with “How It’s Done,” featuring Messy Marv and D Wyn, setting a high-energy tone for the entire project. “Falling,” featuring Macc Duce, shifts gears with a more introspective vibe, delving into personal struggles and emotions.

B.G. Knocc Out enlists Dre’sta and Iceberg for “1 Luv,” showcasing their chemistry and lyrical prowess. “Paid” follows with a catchy hook and memorable verses, while “Feed Me…,” featuring RasKass and Black Silver, brings hard-hitting bars and a captivating beat.

“Carried By 6” continues to showcase B.G. Knocc Out’s storytelling skills, followed by “Ghetto Wars,” a gritty track reflecting on the harsh realities of street life. “Temptation,” featuring Dre’sta, explores the allure of the fast life and its consequences.

“Stories,” featuring T. Dot, brings a vivid narrative, showcasing the ability of B.G. Knocc Out and his collaborators to paint pictures with their words. The album closes on a strong note with “Does This,” featuring Roscoe, leaving listeners with a memorable and satisfying conclusion.

Overall, “1-Up” is a well-rounded album that highlights B.G. Knocc Out’s talent as a lyricist and his ability to collaborate with a diverse range of artists. Fans of west coast hip-hop should not miss this project.



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