Askari X – Message To The Black Man


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1 Intro 01:46
2 Oakland Streets 04:26
3 Ward Of The State II 05:57
4 Who’s That Man 04:56
5 Message To The Black Man 05:42
6 Hear The Science 05:33
7 City Life 05:31
8 Mohammed Army March 01:13
9 Glory Be 05:15
10 Bite The Dust 04:51
11 Moma 04:40
12 Concrete Jungle 04:41
13 Tippy Toe Soldier 05:29
14 Down So Long 05:30
15 3 Strikes 06:34
Featuring – 3X Krazy, Bad N Fluenz, Brotha Moe, The Delinquents, Mike Mike, Mr. Ill, Seagram
16 Outro 02:09


“Message To The Black Man” is the powerful second studio album by Oakland, California rapper Askari X. Released on February 20, 1996, by Slow Motion Records, the album delivers a blend of gangsta and conscious hip-hop, reflecting Askari X’s commitment to advocating for Black Power, Black Liberation, and Islam through his music.

The album begins with a captivating “Intro,” immediately drawing listeners in. “Oakland Streets” delves into the gritty reality of living in Oakland, with backing vocals by Plesor, while “Ward Of The State II” continues to express Askari X’s struggles and experiences. “Who’s That Man” and “Message To The Black Man,” featuring bass by Elijah, further emphasize the themes of social consciousness and empowerment.

“Hear The Science” and “City Life” offer insightful commentary on life in urban environments, while “Mohammed Army March” serves as an interlude showcasing Askari X’s dedication to Islam. “Glory Be” and “Bite The Dust” continue the album’s exploration of personal and social issues, and “Moma” provides an autobiographical account of the rapper’s early life and challenges.

“Concrete Jungle” and “Tippy Toe Soldier” delve deeper into the harsh realities faced by many in urban communities, while “Down So Long” speaks to resilience and determination. The album concludes with “3 Strikes,” featuring an impressive lineup of collaborators, including 3X Krazy, Bad N Fluenz, Brotha Moe, Mike Mike, Mr. Ill, Seagram, and The Delinquents, followed by a reflective “Outro.”

“Message To The Black Man” showcases Askari X’s unique lyrical style, reminiscent of Tupac Shakur, and his dedication to promoting social change and awareness through his music. The album is a must-listen for fans of conscious rap and those seeking a deeper understanding of the issues faced by marginalized communities.



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