AP.9 – Respect My Gangsta


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1 Respect My Gangsta 03:29
2 Rockstar Mobbin 03:47
Featuring – Roxanne
3 Daddy Is A Gangsta 03:50
Featuring – Brean
4 1st Class 03:13
Featuring – Shill Macc
5 Get That Guap 03:00
6 Life On Tha Line 03:40
Featuring – Shill Macc, Tony Streetz
7 Get Away 02:59
8 Music For Tha Mobstas 03:16
Featuring – Krypto
9 Stove Top 03:04
Featuring – Shill Macc
10 Mob Wit It 03:58
Featuring – Krypto, Tony Streetz
11 Paper Chasin 03:13
12 Pay Attention 04:27
Featuring – Krypto, Shill Macc, Tony Streetz
13 Two People 02:44
14 Semi Auto 03:29
15 Raw 03:33
Featuring – Dink, Ice Nick, Krypto, Young Gasz
16 Hustle 02:47
Featuring – Deltrice, Shill Macc


“Respect My Gangsta” is a powerful and intense album by Oakland, California rapper AP.9, a member of the influential group Mob Figaz. Released on September 18, 2007, by Hyphydration, Mob Shop Entertainment, Mob Figaz LLC, and City Hall Records, this album showcases AP.9’s distinctive gangsta and thug rap style. The album features collaborations with artists such as Roxanne, Brean, Shill Macc, Tony Streetz, Krypto, Dink, Ice Nick, Young Gasz, and Deltrice, adding variety and depth to the project.

The album opens with the assertive title track “Respect My Gangsta,” setting the tone for the rest of the album. AP.9’s confidence and storytelling abilities shine throughout the project, as seen in tracks like “Rockstar Mobbin” featuring Roxanne, and “Daddy Is A Gangsta” with Brean.

“Respect My Gangsta” also features multiple collaborations with Shill Macc, including “1st Class,” “Life On Tha Line” with Tony Streetz, “Stove Top,” and “Hustle” alongside Deltrice. The album further showcases AP.9’s versatility with songs like “Get That Guap” and “Get Away,” highlighting his ability to create catchy hooks and memorable verses.

“Music For Tha Mobstas,” featuring Krypto, and “Mob Wit It” with Krypto and Tony Streetz, underscore the Mob Figaz connection and the influence of the group on AP.9’s solo work. The album also includes the raw and gritty track “Raw,” featuring Dink, Ice Nick, Krypto, and Young Gasz, demonstrating AP.9’s ability to collaborate with multiple artists and maintain a cohesive sound.

“Respect My Gangsta” is a testament to AP.9’s talent as a rapper and lyricist, as well as his determination and resilience in the face of adversity. With a strong roster of featured artists, the album is a must-listen for fans of West Coast hip-hop and gangsta rap.



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