Ankhlejohn – Lost Tribe of Shabazz


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1 Opening Credits 02:10
2 Lost Tribe Of Shabazz. 03:32
Featuring – Rahiem Supreme
3 The Undertaker 02:17
4 Good Orderly Devine 01:35
Featuring – Rahiem Supreme
5 We The Ones 02:13
6 Deadman Off Acid 02:17
7 Jordan 45 01:55
Featuring – Rahiem Supreme


“Lost Tribe of Shabazz” is an enthralling EP by Washington, DC-based rapper Ankhlejohn, released on October 18, 2019, through Shaap Records. The project features guest appearances by fellow artist Rahiem Supreme and further establishes Ankhlejohn’s status as an innovative force in the hip-hop scene.

Kicking off the EP, “Opening Credits” sets the stage for the project with its captivating beat and Ankhlejohn’s unmistakable flow. The title track, “Lost Tribe of Shabazz,” features Rahiem Supreme and delves into themes of ancestry, identity, and the quest for self-discovery, showcasing the lyrical prowess of both artists.

“The Undertaker” is a dark and gritty track, exploring the harsh realities of life and the inner struggles one faces. “Good Orderly Divine,” another collaboration with Rahiem Supreme, is a powerful display of unity and shared vision, emphasizing the importance of order and discipline in the pursuit of success.

“We The Ones” serves as a triumphant anthem, with Ankhlejohn asserting his dominance in the rap game and his unwavering belief in his talents. “Deadman Off Acid” is a psychedelic and introspective track that reveals the complexities of Ankhlejohn’s thought process and creativity. Closing out the EP, “Jordan 45,” featuring Rahiem Supreme once again, is a testament to the resilience and determination that drives both artists.

Throughout “Lost Tribe of Shabazz,” Ankhlejohn delivers an immersive listening experience, blending his signature storytelling with thought-provoking lyricism. The collaborations with Rahiem Supreme add another layer of depth and artistry to the project, making it an essential listen for fans of underground hip-hop and those looking to explore the genre further.



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