All City Productions – Bust Your Rhymes / Unsolved Mysterme


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1 Bust Your Rhymes (Original Version) 04:08
Featuring – Motion Man
2 Bust Your Rhymes (Radio Edit) 04:03
Featuring – Motion Man
3 Unsolved Mysterme (Original Version) 04:36
Featuring – Mysterme
4 Unsolved Mysterme (Radio Edit) 04:23
Featuring – Mysterme


“Bust Your Rhymes / Unsolved Mysterme” is a maxi-single by Oakland, California-based rap group All City Productions. Released in 1992 under All City Records, this unique release showcases the talents of featured artists Motion Man and Mysterme, adding depth and flair to the two primary tracks.

The single features two distinct songs, each with an original version and a radio edit. The first track, “Bust Your Rhymes,” includes the dynamic rapping skills of Motion Man, resulting in a catchy, head-nodding tune that highlights the creative energy of both All City Productions and Motion Man. With a runtime of 4:05, the original version allows listeners to fully appreciate the artistry, while the radio edit, at 4:01, maintains the core essence of the track while making it suitable for broader audiences.

“Unsolved Mysterme,” the second track on the maxi-single, features the enigmatic rapper Mysterme. This collaboration delivers a captivating, storytelling experience, with the original version running at 4:32 and the radio edit clocking in at 4:19. The thought-provoking lyrics and smooth flow of Mysterme perfectly complement the production by All City Productions, creating a memorable and engaging listening experience.

Engineered and mixed by King Tech, the maxi-single showcases the group’s attention to detail and dedication to producing high-quality music. Additionally, King Tech’s skillful scratches throughout the tracks add a nostalgic hip-hop touch that further enhances the overall sound and appeal of the single.

Though only a maxi-single, “Bust Your Rhymes / Unsolved Mysterme” stands as a testament to All City Productions’ talent and their ability to collaborate with and showcase other artists, leaving a lasting impression on the hip-hop scene.



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