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1 Nah Nah Nah 03:38
2 Huskaleaning 01:01
3 Watch What You Say 02:58
Featuring – Spice 1
4 Tongue Ain’t Just A Weapon 03:57
Featuring – Dru Down, Messy Marv
5 Why Am I So Fly 03:38
Featuring – The Jacka, Roach Gigz
6 Hustling Nonstop 04:54
Featuring – Ruffian, Allybo, Stevie Joe, Lee Majors
7 Voicemail 1 00:17
8 Roll A Chongo 02:57
9 Oldschool Mob 03:36
Featuring – Tito B, Little Bruce
10 Voicemail 2 00:13
11 Punk Ya Lil Potna 03:50
Featuring – Lil Rue, Samoan Herm
12 Move The Crowd 03:36
Featuring – Ap.9, K-Loc, Killa Tay
13 Find A Way 03:44
Featuring – HD, Mr. Kee
14 My Groove (Skit) 00:13
15 Bay Is On The Rise 03:31
16 Keep It Lit 04:06
Featuring – The Dragons, Beeda Weeda, Bo Strangles
17 When It’s War 04:03
Featuring – DB The General, Rico Tha Kidd
18 Lockdown 04:43
Featuring – Cashiz Raye
19 Stay Here (Skit) 00:16


“Al Hu$ky” is the self-titled album by the talented rapper from Oakland, California. Released in 2011 under Fully Blown Records, this project showcases Al Hu$ky’s diverse range and features an impressive lineup of guest artists, including Spice 1, Dru Down, Messy Marv, The Jacka, Roach Gigz, Ruffian, Allybo, Stevie Joe, Lee Majors, Tito B, Little Bruce, Lil Rue, Samoan Herm, Ap.9, K-Loc, Killa Tay, HD, Mr. Kee, The Dragons, Beeda Weeda, Bo Strangles, DB The General, Rico Tha Kidd, and Cashiz Raye.

The 19-track album kicks off with “Nah Nah Nah,” setting the tone for the rest of the project with its catchy hook and energetic beats. “Huskaleaning” follows, offering a brief but powerful interlude that showcases Al Hu$ky’s distinctive style.

“Watch What You Say” features the legendary Spice 1, while “Tongue Ain’t Just A Weapon” includes appearances by Dru Down and Messy Marv, highlighting the artists’ collaborative chemistry. “Why Am I So Fly” brings together Roach Gigz and The Jacka, adding another layer of depth to the album’s diverse sound.

As the album progresses, Al Hu$ky’s lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities are on full display, particularly on tracks like “Hustling Nonstop,” “Roll A Chongo,” and “Oldschool Mob.” The album also features a series of voicemails and skits that provide a glimpse into Al Hu$ky’s personality and sense of humor.

The project concludes with “Lockdown,” featuring Cashiz Raye, wrapping up the album with a powerful message of perseverance and hope.

“Al Hu$ky” is a testament to the rapper’s versatility, captivating listeners with its engaging storytelling, hard-hitting beats, and dynamic collaborations. This album is a must-listen for fans of authentic, unapologetic hip-hop.



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