Agerman – The Truth


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1 The Truth 04:28
2 Wake Up 04:07
3 Krazy For Christ 04:46
4 The Party 04:07
5 If My People 05:41
6 Hold My Hand 03:32
7 The Word (Interlude) 00:58
8 I’m a Soldier 03:21
9 Works Undone 04:24
10 Never Let You Go 04:24
11 It’s Your Love 04:25
12 Looking at You 04:50
13 Great Is the Lord 04:34
14 Open My Eyes 04:37


“The Truth” is the fourth studio album by Oakland, California-based gospel rapper Agerman, born Ramone Curtis. Previously a member of 3X Krazy, Agerman has since transitioned to gospel rap, using his talent to spread messages of faith and inspiration. Released on April 29, 2003, by ROC Diamond Records, “The Truth” features a collection of 14 tracks that demonstrate Agerman’s commitment to both his faith and his artistry.

The album opens with the powerful title track “The Truth,” which sets the tone for the rest of the album with its passionate lyrics and strong beat. “Wake Up” serves as a call to action for listeners to recognize the importance of faith in their lives, while “Krazy For Christ” showcases Agerman’s devotion and enthusiasm for his beliefs.

“The Party” offers a more upbeat and celebratory vibe, reflecting the joy and happiness that faith can bring. “If My People” and “Hold My Hand” delve into themes of unity and support, emphasizing the power of community in both faith and life.

“The Word (Interlude)” provides a brief intermission before diving back into the album with “I’m a Soldier,” a track that highlights Agerman’s determination and resilience in his spiritual journey. “Works Undone” and “Never Let You Go” offer messages of hope and perseverance in the face of adversity.

“It’s Your Love” and “Looking at You” touch on themes of divine love and gratitude, while “Great Is the Lord” serves as a heartfelt and reverent tribute to God’s greatness. The closing track, “Open My Eyes,” is a plea for guidance and clarity in a world that can often be confusing and challenging.

Throughout “The Truth,” Agerman demonstrates his unique ability to blend his passion for hip-hop with his strong faith, creating a powerful and inspiring listening experience for fans of both genres.



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