Agerman – Kingdom Business


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1 3x’s Krazy 4 God 03:47
2 Deliver 04:16
3 Heavenly Manna 04:05
4 Grandaddy 04:26
5 Ready 4 The Battle 04:45
6 Ride 4 Christ 04:13
7 The Day 04:04
8 God Girl 04:22
9 My Son 03:42
10 He Cares 4 You 05:05
11 Daddy’s Little Girl 04:33
12 Spread The Word 05:32


“Kingdom Business” is the second studio album by gospel rapper Agerman, born Ramone Curtis, hailing from Oakland, California. Released on December 11, 2001, by Mo Faith Records, the album features a unique blend of G-Funk and hip-hop styles infused with Agerman’s faith-based messages. As a preacher and former member of 3X Krazy, Agerman uses his musical talents to inspire and uplift his listeners.

The 12-track album begins with “3x’s Krazy 4 God,” a powerful introduction to Agerman’s deep-rooted faith and connection to his past with 3X Krazy. “Deliver” and “Heavenly Manna” convey the importance of seeking spiritual nourishment and trusting in God’s ability to provide.

In “Grandaddy” and “Ready 4 The Battle,” Agerman shares his determination to stay strong in his faith, regardless of the challenges life may bring. “Ride 4 Christ” and “The Day” emphasize the unwavering commitment to following God’s path and embracing his plan for each person’s life.

“God Girl” is an uplifting ode to women of faith, while “My Son” offers heartfelt advice and guidance for the next generation. “He Cares 4 You” serves as a comforting reminder of God’s unconditional love and support, even in the face of adversity.

“Daddy’s Little Girl” is a touching tribute to the special bond between a father and daughter, while the closing track, “Spread The Word,” encourages listeners to share their faith and make a positive impact on the world around them.

“Kingdom Business” showcases Agerman’s unique ability to combine his passion for hip-hop with his faith, creating a soulful and inspiring listening experience for fans of both genres.



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