A.M.W. – The Real Mobb


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1 Oakland Niggaz Ride 06:12
Featuring – YGB
2 Strictly From The Streets 04:23
3 Mirror Mirror 05:07
4 Heart Of The City 06:12
5 Gripping The Glock 04:13
6 Chalked Off 04:25
7 No Money No Bitches 04:52
8 Dope Game II 04:30
9 Mobb Life 04:51
10 Lil Big Nigga 04:35
11 Now I Lay Yo Ass To Sleep 04:43
12 Footsteps 04:00
13 This Is The Mobb 12:10
Featuring – B-Dub, Jet, StreeThugs


“The Real Mobb” is the second studio album by Oakland-based rap group A.M.W. (America’s Most Wanted), released on August 16, 1994, through Shot Records. Known for their distinctive G-Funk and Gangsta styles, the album features guest appearances by YGB, B-Dub, Jet, and StreeThugs, showcasing a blend of powerful lyrics and captivating beats that highlight the group’s raw talent and passion for hip-hop.

Opening with “Oakland Niggaz Ride,” the album sets the tone with its hard-hitting beat and a powerful message about the realities of life in Oakland. “Strictly From The Streets” and “Mirror Mirror” follow, offering an introspective look at the group members’ experiences and struggles. “Heart Of The City” and “Gripping The Glock” bring the gritty, streetwise perspective that A.M.W. is known for.

Continuing with “Chalked Off” and “No Money No Bitches,” the album dives into the challenges faced by those entrenched in the harsh realities of street life. “Dope Game II” and “Mobb Life” feature Bugsy, while “Lil Big Nigga” is produced by Blackjack, adding further depth and variety to the album. “Now I Lay Yo Ass To Sleep” and “Footsteps” showcase the group’s lyrical prowess and storytelling abilities.

The album concludes with the powerful track “This Is The Mobb,” featuring an all-star lineup including Bugsy, Dangerous Dame, Jet, and StreeThugs. The song serves as a testament to the group’s commitment to their craft and their roots in the Oakland hip-hop scene.

“The Real Mobb” provides a captivating glimpse into the lives and experiences of A.M.W. and their unique G-Funk and Gangsta sound. With its compelling blend of raw lyrics and immersive beats, the album stands as a testament to the group’s talent and passion for their art.



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