911 – Hood Opera’s


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1 Ruff And Rugged 04:41
Featuring – Killa Tay
2 Hood Opera’s 05:16
Featuring – King George
3 Tell Me 04:19
4 Product Of America 04:05
Featuring – Guce
5 Holding On 04:40
6 Ride With Me 03:44
7 How Many 04:33
8 Guilty 04:13
9 What You Perpetrate 04:16
Featuring – Taydatay
10 Misfits 04:00
11 Have You Ever? 04:10
12 Bounce With Me 04:30
13 Rock Stars 04:00
14 Betta Have My Scratch 03:46
Featuring – Levitti
15 Trixie 04:36
16 Nothing To Lose 05:18
Featuring – Mo’ Monee


“Hood Opera’s” is the only studio album by Oakland, California-based rap group 911, consisting of members Henn-Dog and Young Slay. Released on September 14, 1999, under the label In The Cuts Records, the album features a blend of gangsta rap and G-funk styles, as well as collaborations with notable artists such as Killa Tay, King George, Guce, Taydatay, Levitti, and Mo’ Monee.

The album opens with “Ruff and Rugged,” featuring Killa Tay and produced by One Drop Scott, setting the stage with its intense energy and hard-hitting lyrics. “Hood Opera’s,” featuring King George, follows with a powerful narrative reflecting the realities of life in the streets.

“Tell Me” offers a contemplative and introspective tone, while “Product of America,” featuring Guce, delves into the socio-political aspects of the group’s experiences. “Holding On,” with backing vocals from Simply Dre, showcases the resilience and determination of 911, as they navigate the challenges of their environment.

“Ride With Me” continues the album’s momentum, followed by “How Many,” with guitar by Flat Top, highlighting the group’s storytelling abilities. “Guilty” and “What You Perpetrate,” featuring Taydatay, explore themes of deception and betrayal, while “Misfits” and “Have You Ever?” delve into introspection and self-reflection.

“Bounce With Me” injects a more playful energy into the album, followed by “Rock Stars,” which features background vocals by Vee and Niko. “Betta Have My Scratch,” featuring Levitti, and “Trixie,” produced by Mo’ Monee, showcase the group’s versatility and lyrical prowess.

The album concludes with “Nothing to Lose,” featuring Mo’ Monee, encapsulating the group’s unwavering commitment to their music and their refusal to be held back by any obstacles.

“Hood Opera’s” stands as a testament to 911’s unique sound and their dedication to the hip-hop genre, making it a memorable addition to any rap collection.



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