Yung ATL – The Clapathon


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1 Gorilla Glocks 03:39
2 Opposition 02:37
3 Bagz Wit Magz 03:14
4 Vibes 03:13
Featuring – Ace Lune, Marc Crisp
5 Shawty 03:12
6 Shootin’ Like KD 02:46
7 Clout Chasers 03:16
8 Jeopardy 03:44
9 Free MC 03:14
10 UPD Facts 03:33
11 Emotionless 03:11
12 Realest Nigga Walkin’ 03:53
13 Guap 04:30
Featuring – Preeeach
14 In The Streets 02:35
15 Life Of Sin 02:32


“The Clapathon” is a mixtape project by rapper Yung ATL, hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released on February 27, 2018, by UPD MAFIA and Unpredictable Entertainment, the mixtape showcases Yung ATL’s versatile style and his ability to captivate listeners with engaging storytelling and memorable hooks.

Across the 15 tracks on “The Clapathon,” Yung ATL covers a variety of themes, including ambition, loyalty, and the challenges faced by those growing up in the city. The mixtape kicks off with “Gorilla Glocks,” setting the tone for the project with its powerful beat and catchy chorus.

Standout tracks on the mixtape include “Vibes,” featuring Ace Lune and Marc Crisp, a smooth collaboration that highlights Yung ATL’s ability to work with fellow artists and create captivating tracks. “Shootin’ Like KD” is another highlight, showcasing Yung ATL’s knack for creating memorable hooks and energetic beats.

“Clout Chasers” delves into the perils of fame and the lengths people will go to achieve it, while “Jeopardy” demonstrates Yung ATL’s storytelling prowess as he explores the risks and rewards of life in the city. “Guap,” featuring Preeeach, is a standout collaboration that showcases the chemistry between Yung ATL and the featured artist.

The mixtape concludes with “Life Of Sin,” a track that ties together the themes explored throughout “The Clapathon” and leaves listeners with a lasting impression of Yung ATL’s talent as an emerging artist in the West Coast rap scene.

Overall, “The Clapathon” is a strong mixtape that highlights Yung ATL’s potential as a rising star in the hip-hop community. With a unique sound and style, this project is a must-listen for fans of West Coast rap and those looking for fresh, new talent in the genre.



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