Ylyfe C – Free Ce: Above Average


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1 In My Mode 03:28
Featuring – King Leez, Struggle
2 Tdgaf 03:24
Featuring – Guce
3 Where Dey At 04:51
Featuring – DZ, Young Bossi, Ampichino, Matt Blaque
4 Cap & Gown 04:23
Featuring – Ca$hier, Blockrepp Shad, King Leez
5 Depression (Mkf) 02:34
Featuring – Lewie
6 Never Change 03:38
Featuring – Cally Reed
7 Wit The Shit 04:07
Featuring – OG Most Really
8 Shinin On ‘Em 04:16
Featuring – Guce, King Leez
9 So Vicious 03:08
Featuring – Rubberband Sav
10 Code Red 03:57
Featuring – Dos Mucho


“Free Ce: Above Average” is an exceptional mixtape by the talented rapper Ylyfe C from Tacoma, Washington. Released on January 30, 2019, by The Lyfe Entertainment, this 10-track project is packed with dynamic collaborations that showcase Ylyfe C’s unique voice in the hip-hop scene.

The mixtape opens with the powerful track “In My Mode,” featuring King Leez and Struggle, highlighting Ylyfe C’s hard-hitting lyrics and high-energy flow. “Tdgaf” features the legendary Guce, with the two artists delivering a catchy anthem that’s sure to resonate with listeners.

“Where Dey At” is a star-studded collaboration with DZ, Young Bossi, Ampichino, and Matt Blaque, showcasing the various styles and skills of these artists in a seamlessly blended track. “Cap & Gown” features Ca$hier, Blockrepp Shad, and King Leez, offering an infectious beat and memorable hooks.

In “Depression (Mkf),” Ylyfe C teams up with Lewie to discuss the struggles of life and overcoming adversity. “Never Change” features Cally Reed, providing a motivational anthem that inspires perseverance. “Wit The Shit” highlights OG Most Really’s raw talent alongside Ylyfe C’s powerful verses.

“Shinin On ‘Em” is another collaboration with Guce and King Leez, offering a hard-hitting track that exemplifies Ylyfe C’s determination to succeed. “So Vicious,” featuring Rubberband Sav, is a high-energy track that showcases the artists’ lyrical prowess. The mixtape concludes with “Code Red,” featuring Dos Mucho, leaving listeners eager for more from Ylyfe C.



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