Ylyfe C – Free Ce: Above Average


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1 In My Mode 03:28
Featuring – King Leez, Struggle
2 Tdgaf 03:24
Featuring – Guce
3 Where Dey At 04:51
Featuring – DZ, Young Bossi, Ampichino, Matt Blaque
4 Cap & Gown 04:23
Featuring – Ca$hier, Blockrepp Shad, King Leez
5 Depression (Mkf) 02:34
Featuring – Lewie
6 Never Change 03:38
Featuring – Cally Reed
7 Wit The Shit 04:07
Featuring – OG Most Really
8 Shinin On ‘Em 04:16
Featuring – Guce, King Leez
9 So Vicious 03:08
Featuring – Rubberband Sav
10 Code Red 03:57
Featuring – Dos Mucho


Free Ce: Above Average is a project by rapper Ylyfe C from Tacoma, Washington. The mixtape was released on January 30, 2019 by The Lyfe Entertainment and has features by King Leez, Struggle, Guce, DZ, Young Bossi, Ampichino, Matt Blaque, Ca$hier, Blockrepp Shad, Lewie, Cally Reed, OG Most Really, Rubberband Sav and Dos Mucho.



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