YesterDaii – Star In The Making


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1 More Than Musiiik 02:34
Featuring – Anthony Hopkins
2 Hours 03:18
Featuring – TuTiiimes
3 Lotta Liquor 03:04
4 Bread 03:22
Featuring – Cristion D’or
5 Still 02:41
6 No Clues 03:20
Featuring – Baka Baby
7 Pocket Rocket 04:07
8 No Friends 02:31
Featuring – Mustang Neezy
9 No Favors 02:48
Featuring – Cap C
10 Indictment 03:26
Featuring – Arsonal Da Rebel
11 Water 04:30
Featuring – Fred Da Godson


“Star In The Making” is the debut mixtape by Lowell, Massachusetts-based rapper, YesterDaii. Released on February 3, 2019, by O.G.R.E Musiiik, the mixtape features 11 tracks with collaborations from various artists including Anthony Hopkins, TuTiiimes, Cristion D’or, Baka Baby, Mustang Neezy, Cap C, Arsonal Da Rebel, and Fred Da Godson.

The mixtape showcases YesterDaii’s impressive lyrical ability and unique flow. Tracks such as “More Than Musiiik” and “Hours” provide a glimpse into YesterDaii’s personal struggles and aspirations, while tracks like “Bread” featuring Cristion D’or and “Indictment” featuring Arsonal Da Rebel showcase YesterDaii’s ability to collaborate with other artists and create powerful tracks.

With its diverse range of collaborations, “Star In The Making” highlights YesterDaii’s versatility as an artist. Tracks like “No Clues” featuring Baka Baby and “No Favors” featuring Cap C showcase YesterDaii’s ability to create tracks that are both hard-hitting and introspective.

Overall, “Star In The Making” is an impressive debut for YesterDaii and a must-listen for fans of hip-hop and rap music. With its powerful collaborations and raw lyrics, this mixtape showcases YesterDaii’s dedication to his craft and his unwavering commitment to his fans.



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