Ydm Fingaz – Party & Bulls#!t


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1 Too Gee 03:41
Featuring – Compton Av
2 Pussy Was Dope 03:38
Featuring – Bad Lucc
3 Cash Out 04:07
Featuring – Joe Moses
4 Dope Stick 02:18
5 You Nasty 02:45
Featuring – T. Stone
6 Wit Tha Bulls#!t 03:03
Featuring – Tiny Fingz
7 Onna Set Girl 03:19
8 Throw That S#!t 03:25
Featuring – B Bread
9 Party Onna Low 03:33
Featuring – Tiny Fingz
10 Why You Bulls#!t’n 04:04
Featuring – Tiny Fingz
11 Can I Hit 04:18
Featuring – Compton Menace
12 Lucky 03:24


“Party & Bulls#!t” is a vibrant and energetic mixtape by the up-and-coming rapper Ydm Fingaz from Los Angeles, California. Released on May 18, 2015, by 5 Star Service Group Ent, the project showcases Ydm Fingaz’s talent for creating catchy hooks and engaging verses that reflect his experiences and lifestyle.

The mixtape features 12 tracks, each one offering a unique perspective on Ydm Fingaz’s world. The opening track, “Too Gee,” sets the tone with its hard-hitting beats and features Compton Av. “Pussy Was Dope” sees Ydm Fingaz teaming up with Bad Lucc, delivering a gritty and raw narrative.

“Cash Out” features Joe Moses and brings a more introspective vibe to the mixtape, while “Dope Stick” showcases Ydm Fingaz’s ability to craft memorable hooks. “You Nasty” features T. Stone and adds a sultry touch to the project, proving Ydm Fingaz’s versatility as an artist.

“Wit Tha Bulls#!t” brings in Tiny Fingz for a high-energy collaboration that is sure to get listeners hyped up. “Onna Set Girl” and “Throw That S#!t,” featuring B Bread, continue the mixtape’s party atmosphere with their infectious beats and irresistible choruses.

“Party Onna Low” and “Why You Bulls#!t’n,” both featuring Tiny Fingz, showcase the strong chemistry between the two artists, creating memorable moments on the mixtape. “Can I Hit” features Compton Menace and brings a gritty, streetwise edge to the project. Finally, “Lucky” serves as a fitting finale, leaving listeners eager for more from Ydm Fingaz.

Throughout “Party & Bulls#!t,” Ydm Fingaz demonstrates his ability to create engaging and infectious hip-hop that resonates with fans of the genre. The mixtape is an impressive showcase of his talent and potential, marking him as an artist to watch in the coming years.



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