West Town – Duces-R-Wild


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1 Indo West Town Intro 01:33
2 Socenla, 50 Second That Type Of Nigga 04:58
3 Socenla, 50 Second Where U Goin’ 04:36
4 50 Second To G Or Not To G 05:06
5 Socenla That’s Why I Carry A Gun 04:09
6 50 Second Cemetery 04:00
7 Socenla And U Don’t Stop 04:08


“Duces-R-Wild” is an extremely rare and sought-after album by the rap group West Town, hailing from Los Angeles, California. Released in 1993 by West Town Records, this EP features an authentic blend of hip-hop and gangsta rap styles, reflecting the spirit of the early ’90s West Coast rap scene.

The album opens with “West Town Intro” by Indo, setting the stage for the rest of the project. The following tracks, “That Type Of Nigga” and “Where U Goin'” showcase the lyrical prowess of group members Socenla and 50 Second, highlighting their chemistry and shared passion for the art of rap.

With tracks like “To G Or Not To G” and “Cemetery,” 50 Second displays his storytelling skills, diving into the experiences and struggles faced by those living in the gangsta lifestyle. Meanwhile, Socenla shines on tracks like “That’s Why I Carry A Gun” and “And U Don’t Stop,” blending social commentary with raw and unapologetic lyricism.

“Duces-R-Wild” was recorded at Trax Recording Studio and mixed at Soundcastle and Cherokee Studios. The album was engineered and mixed by Tim Nitz, with the executive production handled by E. Shepherd. The project was mastered by Wally Traugott at Capitol Mastering, ensuring top-notch sound quality throughout the EP.

With production by Cool Dre, Bell and Dre, and Goldie on various tracks, “Duces-R-Wild” captures the essence of the early ’90s West Coast rap scene and showcases the undeniable talent of West Town.



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