Weirdoz – Everyday (Everywhere)


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1 Everyday (Everywhere) 05:07
2 Weird Thang 04:14


“Everyday (Everywhere)” is a memorable promo single released in 1995 by the rap group Weirdoz from Phoenix, Arizona. This rare gem, released under Heat City Records, showcases the group’s distinctive style and sound, a fusion of gangsta rap and G-Funk. The group, consisting of Boogie, Cipher, and Butta Fingaz, brings their unique talents and energy to this classic single, which was made available on both cassette tape and vinyl.

The single features two tracks: “Everyday (Everywhere)” and “Weird Thang.” “Everyday (Everywhere)” highlights the group’s smooth flow and exceptional lyricism over a G-Funk-infused beat, reflecting on daily life and experiences. “Weird Thang,” on the other hand, is a laid-back track that showcases the group’s ability to create catchy hooks and memorable verses.

Co-produced by Brian Krueger and the Weirdoz themselves, and with executive production by Felipe Degado and R.K. Jackson, the single exemplifies the unique sound that characterized the mid-90s hip-hop scene. The tracks were produced by Cipher & Wax, further enhancing the single’s signature sound.

Though this promo single represents a brief glimpse into the Weirdoz’s music, it remains a highly sought-after piece of hip-hop history for collectors and enthusiasts alike. The single serves as a testament to the group’s talent and the timeless appeal of their music.


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