Watts Gangstas – The Real


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1 Intro 02:09
2 Slangin As I Speak 04:11
3 Watts Riders (Fuck Wit This) 05:15
4 Wanna B 04:09
5 Nine On My Hip 04:04
6 Hennessy And Chronic 04:44
7 What A Nigga (Gotta Go Through) 04:46
8 Stay A True 05:07
9 Come Take A Ride 04:46
10 Fuct In The Game 04:23
11 Due Or Die 04:14
12 Outtro 01:52


“The Real” is the one and only studio album by the rap group Watts Gangstas, hailing from Los Angeles, California. The album was released on August 1, 1995, under Hood Rat Records. Showcasing a blend of Gangsta and G-Funk styles, Watts Gangstas, composed of Dee-Dope and Felony, deliver an authentic and gritty portrayal of life in their hometown.

The album begins with a captivating “Intro” produced by Derek Organ and Thomas Organ, setting the stage for the raw and unfiltered tracks to follow. “Slangin As I Speak,” a powerful song that narrates the struggles of street life, keeps the momentum going.

“Watts Riders (Fuck Wit This)” highlights the duo’s allegiance to their neighborhood, with production from L. Bunn aka Step 1. In “Wanna B,” produced by Big Jess, Watts Gangstas call out the posers and pretenders in the rap game.

The tracks “Nine On My Hip” and “Hennessy And Chronic” offer an unapologetic glimpse into the realities of life in Watts, with both songs produced by the Organ brothers. “What A Nigga (Gotta Go Through)” delves deeper into the challenges faced by those living in the community, backed by L. Bunn aka Step 1’s production.

“Stay A True,” produced by Big Jess, delivers a strong message about loyalty and staying true to oneself. The Organ brothers return to produce “Come Take A Ride,” a track that invites listeners into the world of Watts Gangstas.

“Fuct In The Game,” featuring vocals from Natasha Walker and produced by L. Bunn aka Step 1, samples “Voyage To Atlantis” by The Isley Brothers. “Due Or Die,” produced by Big Jess, reinforces the urgency of survival in their environment.

The album closes with “Outtro,” a fitting conclusion to this compelling musical journey, produced by Big Jess. “The Real” serves as a testament to the experiences and resilience of Watts Gangstas, a duo that left a lasting mark on the gangsta rap scene.



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