Vontel – Vision Of A Dream


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1 Dream No More 03:41
Featuring – Bokie Loc, Little Problems
2 Playa Style 04:01
Featuring – Bokie Loc, Little Problems
3 4 My Homiez 04:36
Featuring – Roger Troutman
4 If You Want To Be A Playa 04:10
5 Ghetto Life 03:13
Featuring – Bokie Loc, Little Problems
6 It’s All On You 04:32
7 Keep It On The Real 04:19
8 Funk Wit Dis 03:04
9 All Right 04:56
10 Don’t Nobody 03:36
Featuring – Bokie Loc, Little Problems, Roger Troutman
11 Tell ‘Em What I Came 2 Do 03:12
12 Say Playa 03:22
Featuring – Roger Troutman
13 602 03:41
Featuring – Little Problems
14 Boo 04:29
15 Down 4 U 03:34


“Vision Of A Dream” is the only studio album by talented rapper Vontel from Phoenix, Arizona. Released on May 19, 1998, by Fo Life Records, this album showcases Vontel’s smooth flow and exceptional lyricism, which are set against a backdrop of gangsta rap and G-Funk beats. The album features collaborations with notable artists such as Bokie Loc, Little Problems, and the legendary Roger Troutman.

The album’s 15 tracks take listeners on a journey through the streets of Phoenix, highlighting Vontel’s experiences and reflections on life. Tracks like “Dream No More,” “Playa Style,” and “Ghetto Life” feature fellow artists Bookie and Little Problems, while “4 My Homiez,” “Don’t Nobody,” and “Say Playa” are enhanced by the unique vocal stylings of Roger Troutman.

The production on “Vision Of A Dream” is handled by DJ Battlecat, Dre LeSean, and Robert “The Professor” Anderson, ensuring a cohesive and polished sound throughout the album. Backing vocals from Nikia Hill, Na-Na, Deon, and Kevin Bascus add depth and soul to the tracks, creating a rich listening experience.

Despite being Vontel’s only studio album, “Vision Of A Dream” has gained a cult following among hip-hop enthusiasts and collectors, as it serves as a testament to the rapper’s undeniable talent and potential. The album remains an important piece of hip-hop history, capturing the essence of the late 90s hip-hop scene.



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