Various – The Heart of Kali Kompilation


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1 Dubb Sak Steppin On My Toes 05:11
2 J-Mack Ballin 02:47
Featuring – Sexxy K
3 Knight Ridah All-Stars Crime Chronicle 04:23
4 Jay Dad Federal 03:50
Featuring – B-Smooth
5 Nit Tha Pit, KMD Hu-Ride Jack 04:26
Featuring – 8oz
6 Abyotic, Skrill, J Luny, Jiga Boo Knuckle Heads 04:41
Featuring – Big Drew
7 Pimp Mob Ghetto Celeb 04:44
8 Young 3, Skrilla, J Luny For Tha Money 04:37
9 Sabotage Got Game 04:18
10 Baby C, Kaos 3 Deep 03:56
Featuring – Kaveo
11 Lil Lon Givin ‘Em What They Want 04:09
12 Da & Ron Nigga’s Ain’t Ready 03:56
13 Baby C, Big Drew, Dwight F, Sexxy K What Cha Gon Do 04:14
14 Kaos Tha Assassin Overload 03:56
15 J Luny, Skrilla, DKR Spend Some Time 04:13
16 Lavish Style Hustlas Ghetto Child 2000 04:18
17 8oz, Panic, Nitt, KMD, Cinnamon Scripture 05:08


“The Heart of Kali Kompilation” is a rare and diverse compilation album featuring various rappers from the California rap scene. Released in 1999 by One Darknight Records, this unique compilation is a melting pot of G-Funk, Gangsta, Hardcore Hip-Hop, and Thug Rap styles. With contributions from Kaveo (of the Mossie), Kaos Tha Assassin, 30/30, Philly Phil, KMD, Nitt Tha Pitt, Trully Heated, Jay Dad, Dubb Sak, Baby C, and many others, this collection offers a comprehensive look into the heart of California’s hip-hop scene during the late 90s.

The compilation kicks off with Dubb Sak’s “Steppin On My Toes,” setting the tone for a raw and unfiltered musical experience. J-Mack’s “Ballin” featuring Sexxy K showcases a smooth flow and catchy hook, while Knight Ridah All-Stars deliver a hard-hitting narrative with “Crime Chronicle.” The album continues to impress with tracks like “Federal” by Jay-Dad featuring B-Smoove and the energetic collaboration “Hu-Ride Jack” by Nit Tha Pit, KMD, and 8oz.

Throughout the album, listeners are treated to an array of different styles and lyrical content, reflecting the diverse talents of the artists involved. Tracks such as “Knuckle Heads” by Abyotic, Skrill, J Luny, and Jiga Boo featuring Big Drew, and “Ghetto Celeb” by Pimp Mob showcase the gritty reality of life in the streets. In contrast, songs like “For Tha Money” by Young 3, Skrilla, and J Luny offer a more upbeat and aspirational take on hustling and the pursuit of success.

The compilation also includes collaborations that are sure to excite fans of California hip-hop. “3 Deep” features Baby C, Kaos The Assassin, and Kaveo of The Mossie, while “Givin ‘Em What They Want” by Lil’ Lon showcases his impressive lyrical skills. With “Niggas Ain’t Ready,” Da and Ron deliver a powerful track that resonates with listeners who can relate to their struggles.

Closing out the compilation are tracks like “Overload” by Kaos The Assassin, “Spend Some Time” by J Luny, Skrilla, and DKR, and “Ghetto Child 2000” by Lavish Style Hustlas. The final track, “Scripture,” brings together 8oz, Panic, Nitt Tha Pit, KMD, and Cinnamon for a poignant and reflective conclusion to this remarkable compilation.

“The Heart of Kali Kompilation” is a must-have for fans of California hip-hop, showcasing the depth and range of talent from various artists in the region. This unique collection is a testament to the power and resilience of the California rap scene during the late 90s.



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