Various – The EPA-City Compilation: Dead On Arrival


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1 Young Life, Mac J Kickin It With Young Life 05:41
2 D.R. Shake Shake Busy Flowin 05:19
3 So Busy He’s Fast 02:28
4 Various EPA City – Skit 00:16
5 SIC Long Lasting 04:05
6 Daddy Coffee Coffee Stirs The Flavor 03:37
7 So Busy, Chunk Funky Flowdown Part 1 02:59
8 Totally Insane We Finally Made It 05:46
9 Chunk What Waz I To Do 03:52
10 Gangsta G Just Packin 03:53
11 Money D, The Grim The Game Is Deep 04:51
12 Various EPA City – Skit 00:13
13 SIC, So Busy No Justice 05:07
14 D.R. Shake San Mateo County 04:57
15 Chunk, So Busy Funky Flowdown Part 2 03:29
16 Chunk, Gangsta G, SIC, Sean T, G Money D.O.A. 06:44


“The EPA-City Compilation: Dead On Arrival” is a 1993 compilation album featuring various artists, released by Raw Flow Records in collaboration with Tandem Records. This compilation brings together a diverse range of talents and offers listeners an authentic taste of early ’90s West Coast gangsta hip-hop.

The 16-track album kicks off with “Kickin It With Young Life” by Young Life & Mac J, featuring So Busy, setting the tone for an engaging compilation. D.R. Shake showcases his skills on “Shake Busy Flowin” and “San Mateo County,” while So Busy takes center stage with “He’s Fast” and contributes to several other tracks throughout the album.

SIC offers memorable performances on “Long Lasting” and “No Justice,” collaborating with So Busy on the latter. Daddy Coffee’s “Coffee Stirs The Flavor” is a unique contribution, blending catchy lyrics with a captivating beat. “Funky Flowdown Part 1” by So Busy & Chunk and “Funky Flowdown Part 2” by Chunk & So Busy demonstrate their dynamic partnership and lyrical prowess.

The compilation also features standout tracks such as “We Finally Made It” by Totally Insane, “What Waz I To Do” by Chunk, “Just Packin” by Gangsta G, and “The Game Is Deep” by Money D & The Grim. The album concludes with the powerful collaboration “D.O.A.” by Chunk, Gangsta G, SIC, Sean T, and G-Money.

“The EPA-City Compilation: Dead On Arrival” is a must-listen for fans of early ’90s West Coast hip-hop, as it encapsulates the energy, talent, and diversity of the scene during that time.



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