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1 Khool Aid Intro 00:57
2 Ese Daz, Lennox, Rigo Luna Make A Movie 03:46
3 South Park Mexican SPM Callbox 00:34
4 South Park Mexican Real Gangsta 04:26
5 Down Down Callbox 00:10
6 Down, Diamonique Definition Of An Ese 03:35
7 Lucky Luciano Lucky Luciano Callbox 00:14
8 Lucky Luciano Swimming Pool 05:46
9 Slow Pain Slow Pain Callbox 00:12
10 Slow Pain Best Day Of My Life 04:09
11 Lil Uno Lil Uno Callbox 00:10
12 Lil Uno The Streets 03:56
13 Khool Aid Khool Aid Break 00:56
14 Mr. Shadow, Bad Boy, Ant D.O.G. Krazy Ass Mexikans 04:00
15 Coyote Coyote Callbox 00:13
16 Coyote, Lucky Luciano, T-Weaponz How We Ridin 03:50
17 Pocos Pero Locos Classics Sweep 00:11
18 Down, Snoop Dogg Bosses 03:32
19 Monteloco Monteloco Callbox 00:16
20 Monteloco, Lina Santiago Hot Mami 03:32
21 Khool Aid Khool Aid Closer 00:48
22 Mexiclan, Lucky Luciano, Ese Daz The Backstreets 04:08


Pocos Pero Locos Presents: The Callbox, released on January 30, 2007, by Silent Giant Entertainment, is a compilation album featuring various artists from the hip-hop scene. Curated by Edward Rios and Khool Aid, the founders of Silent Giant Entertainment and members of Pocos Pero Locos, this compilation offers an eclectic mix of tracks that showcase the diverse talents of these artists.

The 22-track compilation starts with an introduction by Khool Aid, setting the tone for the album. It features an array of artists, including Ese Daz, Lennox, Rigo Luna, South Park Mexican, Down, Diamonique, Lucky Luciano, Slow Pain, Lil Uno, Mr. Shadow, Bad Boy, Ant D.O.G., Coyote, T-Weaponz, Snoop Dogg, Monteloco, Lina Santiago, and Mexiclan. The album is interspersed with “Callbox” messages from various artists, adding a unique element to the compilation.

From South Park Mexican’s “Real Gangsta” to Down and Diamonique’s “Definition of an Ese,” this album offers a diverse selection of tracks that cater to different tastes within the hip-hop genre. Other notable songs include Lucky Luciano’s “Swimming Pool,” Slow Pain’s “Best Day of My Life,” Lil Uno’s “The Streets,” and the collaborative effort of Coyote, Lucky Luciano, and T-Weaponz on “How We Ridin’.”

Pocos Pero Locos Presents: The Callbox is a must-listen for fans of hip-hop who are looking to explore new artists and sounds. The compilation serves as a testament to the curatorial talents of Pocos Pero Locos and Silent Giant Entertainment, as well as a celebration of the rich and diverse talents within the hip-hop community.



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