Various – Make Way For The Mob


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1 Lucky Pimp Or Die 02:22
2 Lucky, Diamondhead State To State 05:07
3 Bear Good Guy 04:46
4 Homycyde Hustler 05:16
5 Demon III Smoke Skit 00:55
6 A.C.T.O., Bear Smoke One 04:36
7 Bear, Tiff Keepin It Real 05:09
8 The Last Mr. Bigg Laughing Murderer 05:08
9 G. Lover A.G. Is What You Want 04:23
10 Various Mob Skit 01:24
11 Bear Mob 04:31
12 Diamondhead Might Be Your Girl But It Ain’t Yo Pussy 05:23
13 Homycyde Snitches 04:45
14 Royal Assassins, Dee Mob I Ain’t A Murderer 04:21


“Make Way For The Mob” is a compilation album released in 1999 by M.O.B. Records, featuring various artists from Mobile, Alabama. The album showcases the burgeoning hip hop scene in the region, highlighting the talents of local artists in a collection of diverse tracks that embody the gangsta style popular at the time.

The compilation features 14 tracks from different performers, kicking off with “Pimp Or Die” by Lucky (92). Other standout tracks include “State To State” by Lucky (92) and Diamondhead*, “Good Guy” by Bear (45), and “Hustler” by Homycyde. The album also features a couple of skits, such as “Smoke Skit” by Demon III and “Mob Skit” as a nod to the album’s theme.

“Make Way For The Mob” is a testament to the vibrant and thriving hip hop scene in Mobile, Alabama during the late 90s. The compilation unites various artists under one project, allowing them to showcase their unique talents and voices while representing their city with pride.

Throughout the album, listeners can experience a mix of raw storytelling, hard-hitting beats, and memorable hooks that capture the essence of gangsta hip hop. With its diverse range of artists and styles, “Make Way For The Mob” stands as an important snapshot of the Mobile hip hop scene at the time.



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