Various – Life After Evolution (Reality Check)


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Disc 1

1 No Artist New Years Eve 1999 (Skit) 01:04
2 Ruscola Ghetto Queen 05:58
3 Style Constantly 04:26
4 No Artist New World Radio 01:00
5 Ms. Lydia Closer Than Friends 05:10
6 Terrence Hold Me 05:27
7 Ruscola Damn – If I Had A Few G’s 03:54
8 Surface All I Wanna Do 04:51
9 Ice T, Peeps Game, C.J. Mac, Blak Czer, C.J. Moore U.G.N. Theme 05:53
10 Glocc/007 Mind Blowing 04:38
11 C.J. Moore World Go ‘Round 04:10
Featuring – Ruscola
12 Beefy Where’s The Weed At 04:53
13 Kay Cavie Caviar 03:58

Disc 2

1 L.A. Grinders Reality Check 05:35
Featuring – Val Young
2 Ruff Dogg, King Lou, Baby-S Mama Pray For Me 04:00
3 Kay Cavie, 4D, King Lou, Playa Ham, Supreme, Peeps Game Real Memories 04:58
Featuring – Val Young
4 Ruff Dogg, E-Mac, Rump God Save Me 04:58
5 Ruff Dogg, King Lou, Rump, E-Mac My Crazy Life 05:04
6 Peeps Game Supernatural 04:27
7 Ruff Dogg I Like It 04:34
8 Kay Cavie Baller Product 05:10
9 Ruff Dogg, King Lou, E-Mac Mafioso 04:25
10 Blak Czer Chocolate City 04:49


“Life After Evolution (Reality Check)” is an incredibly rare compilation album featuring a multitude of talented artists. Released on July 15, 1997, by Alexia Records and New Image Entertainment, this double-CD compilation features contributions from Ruscola, Style, Ms. Lydia, Terrence, Surface, Ice T, Peeps Game, C.J. Mac, Blak Czer, C.J. Moore, and many more. The album showcases a diverse range of musical styles, including hip-hop, gangsta, and soul.

The album opens with a skit titled “New Years Eve 1999” and quickly moves into “Ghetto Queen” by Ruscola, produced by Jeffrey L. Smith and Ruscola. Other standout tracks on the first CD include “Constantly” by Style, “Closer Than Friends” by Ms. Lydia, and “Hold Me” by Terrence, all of which highlight the compilation’s soulful side.

Ice T, Peeps Game, C.J. Mac, Blak Czer, and C.J. Moore join forces for the “U.G.N. Theme,” produced by C.J. Moore. Other notable tracks on the first disc include “Mind Blowing” by Glocc/007 Malone, “World Go ‘Round” by C.J. Moore featuring Ruscola, and “Where’s The Weed At” by Beefy.

The second disc, titled “Omega,” kicks off with L.A. Grinders featuring Val Young in “Reality Check,” produced by Battlecat. Ruff Dogg, King Lou, and Baby-S collaborate on “Mama Pray For Me,” also produced by Battlecat. Other memorable tracks on this disc include “Real Memories” featuring a host of artists such as Kay Cavie, 4D, King Lou, Playa Ham, Supreme, and Peeps Game, along with Val Young, and “God Save Me” by Ruff Dogg, E-Mac, and Rump.

Throughout the two discs, the compilation offers a captivating listening experience that showcases the unique talents of each artist involved. “Life After Evolution (Reality Check)” stands as a testament to the diverse and dynamic world of hip-hop and soul in the late 90s.



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