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1 Keke Loco Introlude 00:33
2 Keke Loco, Vision, China Girl, Baby Dracc, Randy Blacc, Goldie Mac Ain’t Jokin 03:45
3 True Blue, Keke Loco, Chilly Mac, Ton One Revolution In Progress 05:22
4 Squee Bastard Dusty Riders 03:48
Featuring – Baby Nook Dog
5 School Boy South Central Gangsta 04:48
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6 Keke Loco, TePri, Known 4 Kaos Sex Violence $$$ & Murder 05:07
Featuring – Bamm, Jinks, Next Page
7 D.E.R. Cocc Yor Glocks 04:33
8 Mr. Jinks Eastside Westcoast 04:08
9 Keke Loco, Jay Capone, Da Grench, Rhymes, Dree, RayMac, Joker, Mr. Jinks, TePri, Next Page Affiliated: The Constituents 05:50
10 Mr. Jinks Ride 4 U (Long Version) 03:47
11 True Blue Loc’d Out 04:30
Featuring – Keke Loco, D.E.R.
12 Rhymes Do Wrong 05:07
Featuring – True Blue, Ton One
13 The Crazy Locs West Fonk 05:01
Featuring – Fat Fat Loc, Lady Booo
14 Comp-Tons Finest BG 04:30
15 The Constituents Outrolude 00:25


“Keke Loco Presents Affiliated” is an extremely rare compilation album featuring various rappers from Los Angeles, California. Released on November 6, 1997, by Ain’t Jokin Records, this compilation brings together a diverse selection of artists and showcases their unique styles within the hip-hop genre, particularly focusing on gangsta rap and G-funk.

The album opens with an “Introlude” by Keke Loco, setting the stage for the tracks that follow. With collaborations featuring Vision, China Girl, Baby Dracc, Randy Blacc, and Goldie Mac, “Ain’t Jokin” offers a solid representation of the Los Angeles rap scene in the late ’90s. “Revolution In Progress” by True Blue, Keke Loco, Chilly Mac, and Ton One provides a powerful message with hard-hitting beats.

Squee Bastard’s “Dusty Riders,” featuring Baby Nook Dog, and School Boy’s “South Central Gangsta” add more depth to the compilation. “Sex Violence $$$ & Murder” sees Keke Loco, TePri, and Known 4 Kaos team up with Bamm, Jinks, and Next Page for an intense, raw track. D.E.R.’s “Cocc Yor Glocks” and Mr. Jinks’ “Eastside Westcoast” continue to showcase the gangsta rap influence throughout the album.

The titular track “Affiliated: The Constituents” brings together a massive collaboration featuring Keke Loco, Jay Capone, Da Grench, Rhymes, Dree, RayMac, Joker, Mr. Jinks, TePri, and Next Page, highlighting the unity among the artists. True Blue, Keke Loco, and D.E.R. join forces for the heavy “Loc’d Out,” followed by Rhymes’ “Do Wrong” featuring True Blue and Ton One.

The Crazy Locs’ “West Fonk” and Comp-Tons Finest’s “BG” add further dimensions to the compilation, showcasing the diverse range of talent within the Los Angeles rap community. The album closes with “Outrolude” by The Constituents, wrapping up an unforgettable journey through the LA hip-hop scene.



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