Various – Iam Universal Group Compilation 2017


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1 Xspo Poppin 02:37
2 Xspo Motivation 03:07
3 Picasso California 04:02
4 Xspo What You Want 03:12
5 Picasso Basic 03:53
6 Xspo Next Summer 03:25
7 Picasso Calamari 01:24
8 Picasso I’m The Type 02:22
9 Picasso Me And You 02:30
10 Picasso Pressure 02:01
11 Picasso States 04:00
12 Picasso This Way 03:31
13 Picasso Woah 03:46


“Iam Universal Group Compilation 2017” is a compilation album featuring various artists, released on June 27, 2017, by Iam Universal Group. Primarily showcasing the talents of Xspo and Picasso, this compilation captures the essence of contemporary hip-hop with a blend of energetic beats and insightful lyrics.

The album opens with “Poppin” by Xspo, setting an upbeat tone that persists throughout the compilation. Following up with “Motivation,” Xspo delivers a track filled with encouraging lyrics and infectious beats, making it an anthem for those striving to achieve their dreams.

The compilation takes a West Coast turn with Picasso’s “California,” a smooth track that pays homage to the Golden State with its laid-back vibes and catchy melody. Xspo returns with “What You Want,” showcasing his versatility as an artist with a track that blends introspective lyrics with a hypnotic beat.

Picasso’s “Basic” provides a contrast with its moody atmosphere and introspective lyrics, delving into the challenges of staying true to oneself in the music industry. “Next Summer” by Xspo brings back the upbeat energy, with a catchy hook and feel-good vibes perfect for warm weather and good times.

“Calamari” and “I’m The Type” by Picasso offer a glimpse into his unique style and lyrical prowess, while “Me And You” provides a more intimate and emotional perspective on love and relationships. “Pressure” showcases Picasso’s ability to deliver hard-hitting bars with a relentless flow, further solidifying his place in the hip-hop scene.

The compilation continues with “States,” a track that highlights Picasso’s storytelling abilities and thought-provoking lyrics. “This Way” offers a introspective narrative, and “Woah” serves as a fitting conclusion to the compilation, bringing together the various styles and themes explored throughout the album.



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