Various – Hi Power 2002


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1 Mr. Criminal For The Streets 04:02
2 Mr. Criminal Like That 04:38
3 Big Dreamer, Lil Dreamer, Snapper You See 04:16
4 Mr. Criminal, ODM If Your Bitch Chose Me 04:04
5 Scrappy Loco Confidentical 03:51
6 Mr. Capone-E, Wicked Willie Losing My Mind 05:03
7 Snapps, Wicked Willie If You Don’t Know 03:58
8 Lil Dreamer, Mr. Capone-E, Snapper Southside Academy 04:08
9 Mr. Criminal Maniac N Black 04:22
10 Mr. Capone-E Gangster Don’t Talk 04:28
11 Mr. Capone-E All About The Money 04:14
12 Mr. Capone-E, Mr. Criminal On A Come Up 04:22
13 Mr. Capone-E Hi Power Soldiers 05:53


“Hi Power 2002” is a compilation album featuring various artists, released on August 6, 2002, by Thump Records under their Thump Street series. With a unique blend of hip-hop and Latin genres, this compilation provides an engaging mix of gangsta and funk styles that showcases the diverse talents of the featured artists. The album includes tracks from Mr. Criminal, Big Dreamer, Lil Dreamer, Snapper, ODM, Scrappy Loco, Mr. Capone-E, Wicked Willie, and Snapps.

The album kicks off with Mr. Criminal’s “For The Streets,” a hard-hitting track that sets the tone for the entire compilation. This is followed by his track “Like That,” which further showcases Mr. Criminal’s exceptional skills as a rapper.

Other standout tracks include Snapper’s “You See,” a captivating song that highlights the artist’s impressive flow, and Mr. Criminal and ODM’s collaboration on “If Your Bitch Chose Me,” which combines smooth beats with clever lyrics.

“Hi Power 2002” also features tracks from Scrappy Loco, such as “Confidential,” a gritty track that showcases his unique style, and Mr. Capone-E and Wicked Willie’s “Losing My Mind,” a powerful collaboration that highlights both artists’ distinct talents.

Wicked Willie’s “If You Don’t Know” offers an unforgettable hook and engaging storytelling, while Mr. Capone-E’s “Southside Academy” delivers a strong performance that demonstrates his prowess as an artist.

Throughout the album, the artists showcase their diverse range of styles and influences, with tracks like Mr. Criminal’s “Maniac N Black” and Mr. Capone-E’s “Gangster Don’t Talk” further illustrating the depth and versatility of the compilation.

The album concludes with Mr. Capone-E’s “Hi Power Soldiers,” a fitting end to a compilation that displays the incredible talent and passion of the featured artists.



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