Various – By Any Means


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1 The Squad By Any Means 03:51
2 The Squad West Coast 03:39
3 S.A.D Nico & Chico 03:11
4 The Squad Spotlight 03:44
5 The Squad The Cause 04:48
Featuring – Felicia
6 Obnoxious Wildfire 03:55
7 The Squad Everytime 03:49
8 The Squad Livin’ Legend 02:49
9 Blaze Jungle Of Concrete 04:06
10 The Squad Hate 03:29
Featuring – Smigg Dirtee
11 The Squad Shake 03:58
Featuring – Felicia
12 Blaze Got None 04:24
13 S.A.D Thugz Testimony 03:45
14 S.A.D Flatline 00:16
15 The Squad King Of The Ring 03:48


“By Any Means” is a captivating compilation album featuring various artists hailing from San Diego, California. Released on March 1, 2019, by X-Ecution Style Records, this project showcases the diverse talents and sounds of the city’s burgeoning hip-hop scene.

The compilation opens with the title track, “By Any Means,” by The Squad, setting the tone for the album with its powerful lyrics and hard-hitting beats. “West Coast,” also by The Squad, follows suit, repping the region’s iconic sound with pride.

“S.A.D” introduces the duo Nico & Chico on their track “Nico & Chico,” bringing their unique flavor to the compilation. The Squad returns with “Spotlight” and “The Cause,” the latter featuring a soulful vocal performance from Felicia.

Obnoxious delivers a high-energy track with “Wildfire,” while Blaze brings introspective lyrics on “Jungle of Concrete.” Smigg Dirtee lends his skills to The Squad’s “Hate,” while Felicia returns for another collaboration on “Shake.”

The compilation also includes tracks from S.A.D, such as “Thugz Testimony” and the brief but impactful “Flatline.” The album closes out with The Squad’s “King Of The Ring,” a fitting conclusion to a project that showcases the talents and diversity of San Diego’s hip-hop scene.

“By Any Means” is an engaging compilation album that offers listeners a glimpse into the many voices and styles that make up the San Diego hip-hop community, proving that the city’s artists can stand shoulder to shoulder with the best in the game.



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