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1 Unknown Intro 00:38
2 Playa E, Herron, Chill, Q, Lex So Sick 04:44
3 Q, Young Gaudie War 03:51
4 Da Jacka Of The Mob Figaz Mac Hand 03:20
5 Kalifami Dangerous 05:07
6 Bushie Mo, Ephriam Galloway Black Gotti 03:37
7 Young Gaudie, Q, JB, Law Scrilla Town Niggas 04:20
8 Unknown Interlude 00:31
9 Young Gaudie, Law Scrilla Posted On The Dock Of The Bay 03:53
10 Law Scrilla, Young Gaudie Law Scrilla 04:04
11 Herron, Lex, JB, Chill, PK Do Low 05:15
12 The Mob Figaz, Freak-Co Of The Ghetto Starz To The Sto’ 05:53
13 Unknown Interlude 00:35
14 Lex 72 Bars 03:49
15 Mainy Maine Paper Haters 02:56


“306 Records Presents The Surfacing” is a compilation album released in 1999, featuring various artists from the hip-hop scene. The album brings together early recordings by The Jacka, Husalah, Ridah, and Ap.9 of the Mob Figaz, as well as tracks by other talented artists. Showcasing a mix of gangsta, G-funk, and thug rap styles, this compilation offers listeners a glimpse into the beginnings of these artists’ careers.

The album starts with an “Intro,” setting the stage for the tracks to come. “So Sick,” featuring Playa E, Herron, Chill, Q, and Lex, boasts catchy hooks and smooth beats. “War,” with Q and Young Gaudie, takes on a more aggressive tone, reflecting the struggles of street life.

Da Jacka of the Mob Figaz delivers a standout performance on “Mac Hand,” showcasing his lyrical skills and unique flow. Other highlights include “Dangerous” by Kalifami, “Black Gotti” featuring Bushie Mo and Ephriam Galloway, and “Town Niggas” with Young Gaudie, Q, JB, and Law Scrilla.

Interludes are interspersed throughout the album, providing brief breaks between tracks. “Posted On The Dock Of The Bay” features Young Gaudie and Law Scrilla, while “Law Scrilla” highlights the talents of Law Scrilla and Young Gaudie.

“Do Low,” featuring Herron, Lex, JB, Chill, and PK, and “To The Sto'” by The Mob Figaz and Freak-Co of the Ghetto Starz continue the compilation’s strong run. The album concludes with “72 Bars” by Lex and “Paper Haters” by Mainy Maine, wrapping up an impressive collection of tracks from these up-and-coming artists.

“306 Records Presents The Surfacing” is a must-listen for fans of early Mob Figaz and those interested in the beginnings of these talented artists.



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