V1c – The Highest Technique Mixtape


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1 There Is No Opponent 03:09
Featuring – Funkycyco
2 Mad Views 02:51
Featuring – Funkycyco
3 Beautiful Symphony 03:23
Featuring – Funkycyco, L30, Too Fly Eli
4 Play Dat Shxt 02:39
Featuring – Funkycyco
5 Take A Bite Out The Mic 03:04
Featuring – Funkycyco
6 Backpack Legends 02:58
Featuring – Funkycyco, Mr. Handsome Buck$
7 Feel Like I Can Fly 03:34
Featuring – Funkycyco
8 New Episode, Pt. 2 03:18
Featuring – Funkycyco
9 Can’t Fit In My Shoes 02:56
Featuring – Funkycyco
10 A Million Doubters 03:00
Featuring – Funkycyco
11 Tonight 02:50
Featuring – Funkycyco, J Park


“The Highest Technique Mixtape” is a captivating project by Oakland-based rapper V1c, released on April 20, 2019, through V1c Studios. This mixtape is a showcase of V1c’s lyrical prowess and ability to create memorable tracks alongside talented features such as Funkycyco, L30, Too Fly Eli, Mr. Handsome Buck$, and J Park.

The mixtape begins with “There Is No Opponent,” a hard-hitting track featuring Funkycyco that sets the stage for the rest of the project. “Mad Views,” another collaboration with Funkycyco, follows with its catchy hooks and infectious beats.

“Beautiful Symphony” brings together Funkycyco, L30, and Too Fly Eli for a melodic track that showcases each artist’s unique style. “Play Dat Shxt” and “Take A Bite Out The Mic,” both featuring Funkycyco, demonstrate the strong chemistry between V1c and Funkycyco, with engaging wordplay and energetic performances.

“Backpack Legends” sees V1c and Funkycyco team up with Mr. Handsome Buck$ for a track that pays homage to the legends of hip-hop. The mixtape continues with “Feel Like I Can Fly” and “New Episode, Pt. 2,” two more collaborations with Funkycyco that highlight the duo’s dynamic partnership.

“Can’t Fit In My Shoes” and “A Million Doubters,” both featuring Funkycyco, showcase V1c’s ability to craft relatable and introspective lyrics. The mixtape concludes with “Tonight,” a smooth track featuring Funkycyco and J Park that leaves listeners wanting more.

“The Highest Technique Mixtape” is a testament to V1c’s talent as a rapper and his ability to create a cohesive and engaging project with a strong lineup of features.



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