Unjust Hustlas – Written In Ink


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1 Relying On Our Hustle 03:16
2 Business & Pleasure 03:17
3 Korpse Play 03:05
4 When The Shells Drop 03:40
5 Outlook Of A Krrok 03:01
6 Praktikal Ways 03:02
7 Written In Ink 03:02
8 Off The Grid 03:09
9 California Lifestyles 03:34
10 Pacific Rap Stars 02:05


“Written In Ink” is the only studio album by rap group Unjust Hustlas from Hayward, California. Released in 2002 under Unjust Records, this project showcases the group’s signature gangsta hip-hop style, with a blend of hard-hitting beats and raw, unapologetic lyrics. The album consists of ten tracks, each reflecting the gritty reality of street life and the hustler’s mindset.

The album kicks off with “Relying On Our Hustle,” a track that sets the tone for the rest of the project with its unyielding energy and determination. Songs like “Business & Pleasure” and “Korpse Play” delve into the complex world of balancing street life with personal relationships and ambitions.

As the album’s title track, “Written In Ink” serves as the cornerstone of the project, exemplifying Unjust Hustlas’ commitment to their craft and the authenticity of their storytelling. The album continues with tracks like “Off The Grid” and “California Lifestyles,” painting vivid pictures of the streets of California and the challenges faced by those living within them.

Closing out the album is “Pacific Rap Stars,” a bold statement of Unjust Hustlas’ place in the West Coast hip-hop scene. Produced and written by Young Ant, with additional writing by Bill Blunt, “Written In Ink” was recorded and produced at The Ant Farm Studio in Hayward, CA. Anthony Sanchez served as the executive producer, and Sir Dyno handled the graphics for the album.

Although “Written In Ink” remains the only studio album by Unjust Hustlas, it stands as a testament to their talent and dedication to delivering authentic, hard-hitting gangsta rap.



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