Twenty Two – On The Uprise


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1 What You Say 04:29
2 What You Say (Remix) 04:02
3 Steppin’ In 04:16
4 Steppin’ In (Remix) 04:59
5 What You Say (Instrumental) 04:00


“On The Uprise” is the debut release by the rap group Twenty Two from Mesa, Arizona. This EP, released in 1996 under Poetic Devotion Productions, features a selection of tracks that showcase the group’s distinctive Gangsta and G-Funk styles. This early work by Twenty Two laid the foundation for their future success and musical growth.

The EP consists of five tracks, beginning with “What You Say” and its remix, followed by “Steppin’ In” and its remix, and finally ending with the instrumental version of “What You Say.” The tracks on this debut release blend catchy hooks, smooth rhymes, and hard-hitting beats, reflecting the group’s versatility and talent in their early years.

The tracks were mixed by M. Matson and R. Anderson, with the latter also serving as the recording engineer and producer for “Steppin’ In” and its remix. The remixes of “What You Say” and “Steppin’ In” by R. Anderson add a fresh touch to the original tracks, offering listeners alternate versions of the songs to enjoy. The EP was mastered by J. Wrobles, ensuring a polished and professional sound quality.

The artwork and layout for “On The Uprise” were designed by EmT Williamson at Aaztec Studios, giving the EP a visually appealing look that complements the music. Poetic Devotion Productions holds both the copyright and phonographic copyright for the release, demonstrating their commitment to supporting up-and-coming talent in the hip-hop scene.

“On The Uprise” serves as a strong debut for Twenty Two, providing listeners with a taste of their unique sound and style. This release set the stage for the group’s future projects, as they continued to evolve and make their mark in the hip-hop world.



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