Turbin – Sean Sisero


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1 Wheres Sisero?? (Intro) 01:05
2 Louie Luggage 02:50
3 Under The Sun 03:48
Featuring – Fashawn
4 Half A Gram 02:59
Featuring – Phil Da Agony
5 Gambino Goons (Skit) 01:09
6 Goodfellas 04:15
Featuring – Fly Y, Rydah J.Klyde
7 Gold Pills 03:09
Featuring – Rah Digga
8 Conversations 03:01
Featuring – Dj Ease
9 Slang Scampi 04:10
Featuring – Rouge Venom, Tri State
10 The Spanish Kid (Skit) 01:04
11 We On 03:11
12 Spaz Out 03:52
Featuring – Planet Asia, Eddie Brock
13 Doin Wrong 04:45
Featuring – Waz, Easwood Espinosa
14 I Remember (Fresno City) 03:01
15 Hold Me Back 04:38
Featuring – Killer Ben, Killa Kali


“Sean Sisero” is a dynamic project by rapper Turbin, hailing from Fresno, California. Released on November 8, 2015, under Gold Chain Music, this mixtape features an impressive lineup of 15 tracks, with guest appearances by Fashawn, Phil Da Agony, Fly Y, Rydah J.Klyde, Rah Digga, Dj Ease, Rouge Venom, Tri State, Planet Asia, Eddie Brock, Waz, Easwood Espinosa, Killer Ben, and Killa Kali. “Sean Sisero” showcases Turbin’s unique rap style and lyrical prowess, making it a must-listen for fans of West Coast hip-hop.

The mixtape opens with “Wheres Sisero?? (Intro),” a captivating introduction that sets the tone for the project. “Louie Luggage” follows, highlighting Turbin’s smooth flow and clever wordplay. “Under The Sun,” featuring Fashawn, and “Half A Gram,” featuring Phil Da Agony, showcase impressive collaborations with fellow West Coast artists.

“Gambino Goons (Skit)” leads into “Goodfellas,” featuring Fly Y and Rydah J.Klyde, while “Gold Pills,” featuring Rah Digga, offers a powerful collaboration with the legendary female rapper. “Conversations,” featuring DJ Ease, and “Slang Scampi,” featuring Rouge Venom and Tri State, continue to display Turbin’s versatility and ability to craft memorable tracks.

The mixtape also includes “The Spanish Kid (Skit)” and “We On,” further demonstrating Turbin’s storytelling abilities. “Spaz Out,” featuring Planet Asia and Eddie Brock, and “Doin Wrong,” featuring Waz and Easwood Espinosa, add depth and diversity to the project.

“I Remember (Fresno City)” serves as a heartfelt ode to Turbin’s hometown, while the closing track, “Hold Me Back,” featuring Killer Ben and Killa Kali, concludes the mixtape with a powerful collaboration. Overall, “Sean Sisero” is an outstanding project that highlights Turbin’s talent and potential within the hip-hop scene.



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