True Blue – Gangsters


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1 True Blue Gangsters 04:27
2 Smashin 04:14
Featuring – Kokane
3 You Cant Hide 03:38
4 For The Haters 03:27
5 What Should I Do 03:29
6 You Aint No G 03:57
7 Old Skool Shit 03:20
8 Front To Back 03:34
9 Were Back 03:33
10 One Man Army 04:06
11 When My Homies Call 04:30
Featuring – Kokane
12 Lowride 03:55
13 We In Da Club 04:03
14 Cruising Oldies 04:02
15 Mix 13:44


“Gangsters” is a studio album by Los Angeles-based rap group True Blue. Released on October 25, 2005, under Aries Music Entertainment Inc., the album features the talents of Kokane, who is known for his unique vocal style and contributions to the G-funk sound. With a blend of hip-hop, Latin, gangsta rap, and funk elements, “Gangsters” showcases True Blue’s ability to create a distinct sound that captivates listeners and highlights the group’s identity as West Coast musicians.

The album kicks off with the title track, “True Blue Gangsters,” setting the tone for the rest of the project. The inclusion of Kokane on tracks like “Smashin” and “When My Homies Call” adds an extra layer of authenticity to the album, giving it a genuine West Coast vibe. Throughout the album, True Blue demonstrates their versatility by exploring various musical styles and themes, from hard-hitting tracks like “You Can’t Hide” and “You Ain’t No G” to more laid-back tunes like “Old Skool Shit” and “Cruising Oldies.”

True Blue’s “Gangsters” is a nod to the group’s roots and the classic West Coast sound. Tracks like “Lowride” featuring Latina and “We In Da Club” showcase the fusion of hip-hop and Latin influences, while songs like “For The Haters” and “This How We Roll” serve as anthems for those who have overcome adversity and continue to push forward.

In summary, True Blue’s “Gangsters” is a dynamic album that embraces the essence of West Coast hip-hop while also incorporating Latin influences and funky beats. It is a testament to the group’s versatility and creative prowess, making it a must-listen for fans of the genre.



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