Toby T – Caviar Dreams, Champagne Wishes


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1 Intro 01:24
2 What Must I Do 05:02
3 Do U Wanna Ride 05:04
4 Full Time Hustla 04:35
5 Caviar Dreams, Champagne Wishes 04:22
Featuring – Marl Torres
6 Lost In Tha Shuffle 04:02
7 Ain’t It Funny 04:55
Featuring – Cliff Roberts
8 Nuttin But Game 04:07
9 Anotha Day 05:19
10 Feelin’ Kinda Perved 04:23
11 Latenite Creep 04:52
12 Can We Spit 05:41
13 Outro 05:37


“Caviar Dreams, Champagne Wishes” is the one and only studio album by rapper Toby T from Fairfield, California. Released on May 13, 1997, by SMG Solar Music Group, this album features a blend of G-Funk and Gangsta Hip-Hop styles that showcase Toby T’s versatile rap skills.

The album begins with a captivating intro produced by Mayle, setting the stage for a powerful journey through 13 tracks. Standout songs like “What Must I Do,” “Do U Wanna Ride,” and “Full Time Hustla” demonstrate Toby T’s ability to craft catchy hooks and memorable verses. With a majority of tracks produced by Mayle and some produced by Toby T himself, the album maintains a consistent sound throughout.

“Caviar Dreams, Champagne Wishes” features guest appearances by Mafiosos and backing vocals by Simply Dre, Mari Torres, and Emgee, adding depth and variety to the project. The album was recorded and mixed at SMG Sound Studio, with “Anotha Day” being recorded and mixed at Crystal Clear Studio in Sacramento, CA.

As the only studio album by Toby T, “Caviar Dreams, Champagne Wishes” is a unique and valuable addition to the collection of any fan of G-Funk and Gangsta Hip-Hop. With Toby T’s captivating lyricism, backed by smooth production and diverse instrumentals, this album stands as a testament to his talent and potential.



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