The Goodlife Bullyz – Bully Bizness


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1 Bully Bizness 04:30
2 As Real As It Gets 03:28
3 Live 4 The World 02:56
4 B4 I Reach The Chorus 04:09
5 All Out 04:00
6 Bigger Than Life 04:58
7 Say N Nuttin 02:40
8 Laylo 03:20
9 Inconsiderate 03:12
10 We On That 02:56
11 Tryna Maintain 04:19
12 Bully Shit 04:16
13 Cali Smog 04:50
14 She Cries 03:04
15 They Out There 04:16
16 Real Life Shit 04:52
17 Gettin It 06:38
18 Yes I’m A Bully 04:47
19 Sinse U Been Gone 05:24


“Bully Bizness” is a hard-hitting album by Los Angeles-based rap group The Goodlife Bullyz. Released on February 11, 2013, by Cali Classics, the album showcases the group’s dynamic lyricism and gritty storytelling, all while staying true to their West Coast roots.

Featuring 19 tracks, “Bully Bizness” takes listeners on a journey through the lives and experiences of The Goodlife Bullyz. The opening track, “Bully Bizness,” sets the tone for the album with its aggressive beats and raw lyrics. The group continues to demonstrate their authenticity and passion for hip-hop with tracks like “As Real As It Gets” and “Live 4 The World.”

The Goodlife Bullyz exhibit their versatility and creativity with songs such as “B4 I Reach The Chorus” and “All Out,” which highlight their ability to craft engaging hooks and memorable verses. “Bigger Than Life” showcases their ambition and drive, while “Say N Nuttin” delivers a powerful message of perseverance.

In “Laylo” and “Inconsiderate,” the group addresses personal struggles and the complexities of relationships. The album’s energy is further fueled by tracks like “We On That” and “Tryna Maintain,” both of which reflect the group’s commitment to their craft and the realities of life in the streets.

“Bully Shit” and “Cali Smog” stay true to the West Coast sound, with hard-hitting beats and vivid storytelling. The album also explores emotional themes with tracks like “She Cries” and “They Out There.” “Real Life Shit,” “Gettin It,” and “Yes I’m A Bully” round out the album, solidifying The Goodlife Bullyz’s reputation as a force to be reckoned with in the rap scene.

“Sinse U Been Gone” closes the album with a reflective and introspective look at the group’s journey, their growth, and the challenges they’ve faced along the way. Throughout “Bully Bizness,” The Goodlife Bullyz’s undeniable talent, raw energy, and passion for hip-hop shine through, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

Overall, “Bully Bizness” is a powerful testament to The Goodlife Bullyz’s unique style, combining West Coast influences with compelling storytelling and a modern twist. This album is a must-listen for fans of hard-hitting rap and those looking to explore the depths of the West Coast sound.



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