The Celly’z – The Celly’z


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1 Intro 00:55
2 Nothing But A Party 03:51
Featuring – NB Ridaz
3 It’s The Cellyz 04:33
Featuring – Iroc Beats
4 A Little X2z 03:39
5 At The Club 03:51
Featuring – Elias “E Boogie” Medina, Product Klick
6 Show Love 04:13
Featuring – Proper Dos, MC Magic
7 Sheriff’s Nightmare 00:41
8 Dreams 04:13
Featuring – Swin Tha Hardcore
9 Wahh 04:16
10 Me And Homeiz 04:19
11 In The Game 04:03
Featuring – Proper Dos, Iroc Beats, B.W.
12 4 U Hatters 03:51
13 City Of Heat 04:09
14 Mind Made Up 04:04
15 At The Club (Radio) 03:15


“The Celly’z” is the self-titled debut album by the rap group hailing from Phoenix, Arizona. Released on September 10, 2002, under Real Entertainment, this album showcases the group’s unique sound and style, combining G-Funk and Gangsta rap elements. The album features 15 tracks, including collaborations with notable artists such as NB Ridaz, Iroc Beats, Elias “E Boogie” Medina, Product Klick, Proper Dos, MC Magic, Swin Tha Hardcore, and B.W.

The album kicks off with a short intro, setting the tone for the rest of the project. One of the standout tracks, “Nothing But A Party,” features the well-known NB Ridaz, delivering an infectious party anthem. “It’s The Cellyz,” featuring Iroc Beats, serves as a bold declaration of the group’s identity and unique style.

Other highlights include “At The Club,” featuring Elias “E Boogie” Medina and Product Klick, which showcases the group’s ability to create a club banger. “Show Love,” featuring Proper Dos and MC Magic, is a smooth and heartfelt track expressing appreciation and love for their fans and supporters. The introspective track “Dreams,” featuring Swin Tha Hardcore, explores the group’s aspirations and journey through life.

The album closes with “Mind Made Up” and a radio edit of “At The Club,” leaving listeners with a lasting impression of The Celly’z distinct sound and lyrical prowess. Overall, “The Celly’z” self-titled album is a solid debut that highlights the group’s talent and the vibrant hip-hop scene in Phoenix during the early 2000s.



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