THC The Hustle Crew – Out Tha Mud


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1 Emery Of State 03:56
2 Broccoli 03:41
3 Foreign 04:30
4 Gettin’ It Like Me 04:56
5 Gold Chain 04:42
6 Hold It Back 05:11
7 Move 04:24
8 Dopesauced 04:30
9 Tonight 04:49
10 Trap House 03:52
11 Rat And Roaches 04:48
12 Lil Mama 04:24
13 Scarface 03:52
14 Shoutz 03:44
15 Super Woman 04:37


“Out Tha Mud” is a dynamic and powerful mixtape by the rap group THC The Hustle Crew, who originate from Fayetteville, Arkansas. Released on September 16, 2017, this self-released project showcases the group’s raw talent and passion for the hip-hop genre.

The mixtape opens with “Emery Of State,” setting a strong foundation for the rest of the tracks that follow. Songs like “Broccoli” and “Foreign” demonstrate the group’s ability to deliver infectious beats and hard-hitting verses, leaving a lasting impression on listeners.

Tracks such as “Gettin’ It Like Me” and “Gold Chain” highlight THC The Hustle Crew’s ambition and drive, while “Hold It Back” and “Move” show off their versatility and skillful wordplay. “Dopesauced” and “Tonight” provide an engaging listening experience that is sure to have fans moving to the beat.

The mixtape continues with energetic tracks like “Trap House” and “Rat And Roaches,” which delve into the group’s life experiences and challenges. “Lil Mama” and “Scarface” showcase their storytelling abilities, creating vivid images through their lyrics.

As the mixtape comes to an end, “Shoutz” and “Super Woman” offer a fitting conclusion to this captivating project. “Out Tha Mud” is an essential listen for hip-hop fans who appreciate authentic and powerful music from up-and-coming artists.



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