Tha Alkaholiks – Mixed Drinks: The Best Of Tha Alkoholiks


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1 Make Room 04:00
2 Mary Jane 03:31
3 Only When I’m Drunk 03:20
4 Turn Tha Party Out 03:31
5 WLIX 03:56
6 All The Way Live 03:22
7 Daaam 04:21
8 Next Level 03:29
9 Killin It 03:40
10 Hip-Hop Drunkies 04:42
11 All Night 03:24
12 Contents Unda Pressure 04:53
13 Bullyfoot 03:52
14 Best U Can 03:32
15 Goin Crazy 06:10


“Mixed Drinks: The Best Of Tha Alkoholiks” is a mixtape celebrating the legacy of the Los Angeles-based rap group Tha Alkoholiks, also known as Tha Liks. Released in 2006 and mixed by group member E-Swift, the compilation highlights some of the trio’s most iconic tracks, showcasing their unique blend of party music with a hardcore hip-hop edge. The group, consisting of DJ and producer E-Swift, and rappers J-Ro and Tash, has been a mainstay in the West Coast hip-hop scene since the early 1990s.

The mixtape features 15 tracks that span the group’s career, including classics like “Make Room,” “Mary Jane,” “Only When I’m Drunk,” and “Daaam.” These songs demonstrate Tha Alkoholiks’ penchant for catchy hooks, clever lyrics, and infectious beats. Throughout the compilation, listeners are treated to the group’s energetic and lively performances, which have helped them maintain a dedicated following not only on the West Coast but across the United States and around the world.

“Mixed Drinks: The Best Of Tha Alkoholiks” serves as a testament to the group’s undeniable impact on hip-hop, as well as a reminder of their ability to create music that resonates with fans of all backgrounds. From their party anthems to their more introspective tracks, Tha Alkoholiks have always been unapologetically themselves, and this mixtape is a fitting tribute to their enduring legacy.

Whether you’re a long-time fan of Tha Alkoholiks or a newcomer looking to explore their music, “Mixed Drinks: The Best Of Tha Alkoholiks” offers a comprehensive and enjoyable listening experience. The mixtape not only highlights their most well-known hits but also delves into their deeper cuts, providing a well-rounded representation of the group’s extensive catalog.

In addition to their solo work, Tha Alkoholiks have also collaborated with various artists and contributed to notable projects, such as Loud Rocks. This mixtape, mixed by the talented E-Swift, offers a seamless and engaging presentation of their best work, allowing listeners to fully appreciate their contributions to the hip-hop genre.

Despite never achieving mainstream commercial success, Tha Alkoholiks have left an indelible mark on the hip-hop landscape. Their dedication to their craft and passion for creating music that resonates with their fans has earned them a place in the annals of West Coast hip-hop history. “Mixed Drinks: The Best Of Tha Alkoholiks” is a must-listen for both long-time supporters and those looking to discover the unique sound that has made the group a beloved fixture in the world of hip-hop.



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